Dont take your boyfriend to see your parents easily when you go home for the new year, or...

 Dont take your boyfriend to see your parents easily when you go home for the new year, or...

Single partners cant help admiring the people they have

After all, they dont have to face it anymore

Why dont you have an object forced by the seven aunts and eight aunts

And a set of blind dates

However, is it better to have a partner?

As it turns out, no

Because what theyre going to face may be

The first time I see my parents when I go home with my partner

Excited heart, shaking hand

Im going to have a real success with my girlfriend

But its also possible to be careless

A honeyed and awkward meeting with the future parents in law

Take my boyfriend home for the first time

Im not nervous

But I changed clothes and dressed myself in advance

Ive been grooming my hair all the way

Its too hot to wear short sleeves

Cant sit, cant stand

Walking back and forth and rubbing your hands

Its like going to an interview with one of the worlds top 500 companies

@Kiss a good girl

Driving home

Me: are you nervous?

He: not nervous

After a while, I: tight not nervous?!

He: hold your tongue. I want to go to the bathroom

My boyfriend wrote a few pages of draft in advance

What are the key points of self introduction and question answer

Results before entering the door

Why, teach me

@Funny foot pincher

I have done psychological construction for more than ten minutes

It turns out that this one saw my dad

Suddenly, a 90 degree bow came first

Well, my dads been set for 30 seconds

@Big bitch

My mother rushed us in

My boyfriend wiped his palms

Hello, uncle and aunt, I I dont feel nervous...


Its not easy for several people to sit still and think that they must do well in the future

Present the present first

To please my parents in law

However, an opening

Hello, auntie. This is the razor I brought for you

Hello, uncle. Here is your bag...

@Big bitch

This one is wrong

But the gifts are chosen in a proper way

Some people

Not so lucky

I heard that your salt is running out???

@Big bitch

I heard that my girlfriends mother bought a fake?

@Big bitch

So I bought a hair helmet???

@Big bitch

Even if you choose the right gift

No problem with your words

But every boyfriend

No matter how lively the sand sculptures are

To my girlfriends house

Theyve become children at a loss

@ Yan Wang

Sedentary and motionless at all times

I always feel my hands are nowhere to be put

@ Cai Bang Bang -

Theres only one word

Able to express the feelings of boyfriends


After watching these large rollovers

You might say

So when the scene changes

Will it be better?

My first visit to my mother-in-laws house

To show you eat less

As a result, the bowl was crushed

@Popular video show

First time to his house

When preparing the hot pot

Help me with my laundry

As a result, the clothes faded

@a girls Yang

The first time I saw my parents dressed like ladies

Hold your breath to get your stomach back

At the end of the meal

Bared and cracked the clothes

Never forget his parents

The eyes were shocked

@Look at my homepage ha ha

For the first time, I went to my husbands house to eat walnuts. Several people used pliers to hold the door of the room. The door was not broken. The floor was not broken. I picked up two walnuts calmly

With the palm of your hand

Both walnuts are broken in my palm

The whole family looked at each other

@Popular video show

When my husband taught me Longma

In Northeast China, it means Oh, my God

And then the first time I saw my mother-in-law

In order to show that I can speak Yangzhou dialect


My first visit to my mother-in-laws house

I dont know my crotch is broken

My mother-in-law tentatively told me

I also said, no, these pants are this style!!

Later it was found that it was really broken

@Little strange, little strange

I went to his house for the first time

And then his father came out of the kitchen

Uncle jumped from my mouth for no reason

@ Hao Taitai

Everything is going well

After dinner, go downstairs

The stairs are oily and slippery

I rolled down the stairs

Go straight to the lobby on the first floor of the hotel

@Its so sweet

I dont know what to say when I meet you? Then

Uncle, have you had your summer vacation?


Or go to see my parents in law

Cant avoid facing the tension and panic of the elders

Xiaofang, is that you?

@Alalei hello

Im not careful? My girlfriend is from Northeast China

The first time I went to her house, I was ready to drink fragments

Its not surprising that the first meal was caught by the father-in-law to drink with white wine

In the end, we both drank like a cloud

I supported him and said, brother......

@ Oriental Melon

The first time to eat at my mother-in-laws house

The fish he ate, his grandmother said

Girl, theres a fishbone on your eyelid. I pulled it off. Its my double eyelid sticker

@To a place farther than the distance

When a nervous dad meets a nervous boyfriend

So they were sitting on the sofa

Saw the cartoon piggy page together?

Or the story of the elephant???

The first time I saw my parents, there were always scenes that people couldnt help laughing in retrospect

I will remember it clearly

Always calm, I was so nervous that I sweated in the palm of my hand

But behind these tensions

In fact, what is hidden is the importance and love for each other

Its also the experience of these interesting and embarrassing things

Become a family

New years day, wish you all here

Harvest and love of parents in law

Single friends find love soon

Happy New Year

a new year

Uncle has prepared a set of lovely and inspirational new years wallpaper for you

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