The new SUV prospect of Xingtu VX / adventurer this year

 The new SUV prospect of Xingtu VX / adventurer this year

Chevrolet pioneers

Listing date: the first half of this year

Chevrolet pioneers will be officially launched in this year. The new car is positioned at the medium and large flagship SUV. It adopts a new generation of SUV design language, and provides the RS series with aggressive modeling and the fashionable redline Shanghong series dual version model.

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u00b7With the completion of the first show in China, the curtain of the introduction of new Chevrolet pioneers officially opened. In terms of appearance, the domestic developers can be said to be consistent with the overall style of the overseas version, providing RS and redline designs.

u00b7In terms of size, it slightly increased compared with the overseas version, with length, width and height of 4999 / 1953 / 1732mm respectively, and wheelbase of 2863mm. In terms of seat layout, the domestic version will provide 5 seats and 7 seats.

u00b7The interior design draws on some elements of Camaro. The air outlet of the double circular air conditioner is arranged at the bottom, while the thick four panel steering wheel has the rough style of the pickup model, which is in line with the modeling design of the pioneers.

u00b7In terms of power, the car will be equipped with a 2.0T engine, a 9-speed manual and self-contained gearbox, and a four-wheel drive model is optional.

Star VX

Listing date: the first quarter of 2020

Xingtu VX is the flagship model of Xingtu family. It is positioned as a medium and large-scale SUV. This new SUV not only has a wheel base of 2900mm, but also has seven seat layout. It also uses the family style design language of wisdom, sense and aesthetics and carries an engine with a maximum power of 136.5kw.

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1. Family style design of wisdom and sense aesthetics

The design drawing of the new car continues the family style design of wisdom and sense aesthetics, the brand logo runs through the whole front of the car, and the headlights also adopt the through type modeling. In addition, the new car also adopts the design of large-scale horizontal front grille, high waist line, hidden door handle, through tail lamp, double outlet exhaust on both sides, large-scale wheel rim, etc. The profile design of high waist line is used on the side of the new car. The wheel eyebrow is wide, high and muscular. The LED through tail light at the rear of the car is also very eye-catching.

2. Wheelbase up to 2900mm, with 7 seat layout

The length, width and height of the new car are 4970, 1940 and 1795mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2900mm. At the same time, 7 seat layout is provided in the car. The curb weight of the new car is 1771kg, and the tires of 235 / 60r18, 235 / 55r19 and 245 / 45r20 are provided.

3. The interior is equipped with full LCD instrument panel

The center console is equipped with an integrated large screen composed of a full LCD instrument and a center control display screen. The air outlet of the horizontal air conditioner and two control knobs are located below, which are matched with an electronic stop bar. Piano paint veneer and sewing leather are used in many parts of the car.

4. Dynamic parameters:

The new car is equipped with an engine with a maximum power of 136.5kw, a top speed of 180km / h, a declared fuel consumption value of 7.9l/100km, and meets the national six emission standards.