Attention to going abroad! These countries have imposed entry control on Chinese citizens

 Attention to going abroad! These countries have imposed entry control on Chinese citizens

With the increasing number of confirmed cases of pneumonia infected by new coronavirus in foreign countries, some countries have taken entry control measures to prevent and control the epidemic.

On January 29, the State Administration of immigration released information on its official website, combing the relevant measures that have been introduced in various countries.

From the 27th, North Korea has temporarily banned Chinese citizens from entering the country; the next day, the Philippines also announced a suspension of issuing landing visas to Chinese citizens. Kazakhstan suspended the 72 hour transit visa free policy for Chinese citizens and suspended the work on the Kazakh side of the Khorgos border cooperation center.

Malaysia, which has confirmed seven cases of new coronavirus pneumonia, has temporarily refused entry to the country of Hubei with a Chinese passport and the place of issue or birth.

Singapore (7 cases) also introduced corresponding control measures. From 12:00 p.m. on January 29, 2020, all passengers who have visited Hubei in the past 14 days and hold Hubei issued passports will not be allowed to enter Singapore or transfer flights in Singapore temporarily. At the same time, the Singapore Immigration Bureau will also suspend all kinds of visas for passengers holding passports issued by Hubei Province, and they will not enjoy the 96 hour transit visa free policy. All kinds of Singapore visas held by Chinese citizens with passports issued by Hubei Province are temporarily invalid and cannot enter Singapore.

At the same time, Japan (7 cases), South Korea (4 cases), Vietnam (2 cases), India, Britain, Indonesia, France (4 cases), Myanmar, Italy, the United Arab Emirates (1 case), Malaysia (7 cases), Sri Lanka (1 case) and Australia (6 cases) all require Chinese citizens to fill in and submit health status declaration forms before entering the country.

Photo source: National Immigration administration

According to US media reports, two US government officials revealed to US media that the White House is considering cancelling all flights between China and the US. On the 28th, the white house told executives of several American Airlines to consider cancelling all flights between China and the United States due to concerns about the new coronavirus.

British Airways has suspended all direct flights to and from mainland China, the BBC reported on January 29. Before that, the British Foreign Office had advised people not to travel to China for the time being unless necessary.