Boeing plans to resume production of 737max in spring

 Boeing plans to resume production of 737max in spring

Data sheet: Boeing 737max.

[urgent return to production and look forward to go around

After a meeting with Boeing employees in Seattle, Washington, Calhoun used the conference call to make a statement to reporters.

According to Calhoun, Boeing has never thought of permanently grounding Max or changing the name of the max series to improve the publics negative impression of the aircraft.

Boeing announced Monday that the FAA would approve the 737max go around as soon as the middle of this year. According to Calhoun, FAAs approval of go around is not a necessary prerequisite for Maxs resumption of production, which will be several months earlier than June.. When asked about the exact date, he hinted that production could resume in about two or three months.

The latest FAA statement said that Boeings max defect correction proposal was still under comprehensive and prudent review, but did not set a deadline for the end of the review.

The associated press said Boeings decision to resume production without a go around approval meant Boeing was confident that the FAAs review conclusions would not be too unexpected..

[heavy loss, hard to be optimistic

This crisis makes Boeing suffer huge economic and reputation losses, and may make its old rival, European Airbus, become the worlds largest aircraft manufacturer. Dennis milenberg, Boeings former chief executive, stepped down this month, and Calhoun took over.

At Boeings two bases in Washington and Texas, there are about 400 new Max aircraft waiting to be delivered to customers around the world. Boeing has temporarily shut down the max assembly line near Seattle in the past few days, with 3000 employees reassigned. Calhoun promised not to lay off these people.

However, many Boeing suppliers have been implicated and have to lay off a large number of employees. The company that makes the max fuselage is bound to cut 2800 jobs, the airline said.

Despite Boeings rush to get the max series back online, its customers remain cautious.

Last week, Southwest Airlines said it had decided to postpone the decision until June 6 on whether to get max back on duty.. Southwest Airlines is the largest customer of max series in the United States and has purchased more than 30.

Scott Kirby, President of United Airlines, said Tuesday that he does not expect to restart the max airliner this summer.

According to the analysis report released by IHS Markit on June 22, if Max grounded until June, the growth of U.S. GDP will lose 0.1 percentage points; if it grounded to December, the loss will double. U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven mnuchin is more pessimistic, saying Boeings troubles could drag U.S. economic growth down 0.5 percent. (Shen Min) (special draft of Xinhua News Agency)