Japan DoCoMo plans to launch 6G in 2030

 Japan DoCoMo plans to launch 6G in 2030

The carrier today released a white paper outlining its views on 5g evolution and 6G communication technology, and pointing out that mobile communication systems will generally develop to the next generation in about ten years.

The report summarizes the related technical concepts and various expected use cases of the evolving 5g and new 6G communication technology, as well as the components and performance objectives of the technology.

The group will invite representatives from the private sector and universities to discuss technology development, possible implementation methods and policies, the newspaper quoted Ministry of interior and communications sources as saying.

DoCoMo, which started 5g research in 2010, said in a statement that it would promote cooperation among governments, industry and academia, as well as different stakeholders. It said it would continue to research and develop its technology to enable further development of mobile communication.

Key research areas include the development of new frequency bands including terahertz, and the development of ultra-low energy consumption and ultra-low cost communication.

Source: c114 communication network editor in charge: Liao ziyao, nbjs10040