Shanghai new crown designated hospital for pneumonia: after air filtration in wards, discharge

 Shanghai new crown designated hospital for pneumonia: after air filtration in wards, discharge

Shanghai public health clinical center.

On January 24, 2020, on the new years eve of the year of gengzi, the medical staff in the new coronavirus pneumonia isolation ward of Shanghai public health clinical center received a special New Year gift prepared by the hospital: four boxes of instant noodles and two boxes of fruits. For them, this is the most warm hearted logistics reserve at present.

According to official statistics, as of 24:00 on January 23, 20 new coronavirus confirmed cases have been found in Shanghai. In the afternoon, Shanghai launched the first level response mechanism for major public health emergencies.

The whole city entered a tense and orderly defense. At the scene, surging journalists saw that, as a designated hospital for the treatment of patients with new coronavirus pneumonia in Shanghai, Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center affiliated to Fudan University (hereinafter referred to as public health center) is calm and orderly, and the large screen of the command center can access the picture of isolation ward in real time.

According to the public health center, at present, a number of medical assistant controllable video robots have arrived at the post, ready to assist doctors in treatment at any time, to minimize the risk of infection of medical staff.

On the afternoon of January 24, six auxiliary controllable video robots arrived. All the drawings are provided by Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center (except the signature)

Medical staff will come out and be quarantined in 1-2 weeks

Walking into Shanghai public health clinical center, surging journalists saw that the architectural furnishings here are no different from those of ordinary hospitals. The difference is that the A3 building is specially for the treatment of new coronavirus diagnosed patients.

According to the Shanghai public health clinical center, at present, all patients diagnosed with new coronavirus in Shanghai are admitted to the second floor of the emergency ward. The wards here are all negative pressure wards, that is, the air can be from the outside in. And the air inside is filtered out.

Non staff members are not allowed to enter the A3 ward, but in the command center of the public health center, on the right side of the entrance door, the whole wall is a monitoring video, which can freely access the picture of the isolation ward. In the camera, all the medical staff entering the ward are fully armed, outside the isolation clothing, carrying air purification devices, and all the air inhaled is purified.

The command center can access the picture of emergency ward in real time.

In the open ward, there are buffer zone, clean zone and restricted zone. At present, there are more than 20 medical staff entering the hospital. They eat and live in the hospital. After 1-2 weeks, they come out for isolation and observation. After two weeks, they rotate. We are all very conscious. We dont need to mobilize at all. We are on call at any time. Many people havent come home for days, but they have no complaints.

With the increase of the number of patients, the emergency ward needs to further strengthen the allocation of medical staff. After learning the situation, Wu Yan, a nurse, actively submitted an application to join the emergency nursing team and participate in the treatment of patients. In the command center, surging journalists connect with Wu Yan. In the camera, Wu Yan told the surging news reporter that during the SARS period in 2003, she was the protected object. Now I am honored to have such an opportunity to protect others.

Wu Yan is a native of Jinshan, Shanghai. In 2003, Wu Yan took part in the college entrance examination and became a nursing science student. After graduation in 2006, I have been working in the front line. In 2018, he was transferred to Shanghai public health clinical center and currently serves as a teacher in the respiratory department of the public health center. He is a member of the Communist Party of China. This time I applied to join the emergency nursing team, and my family also gave me the greatest support. Wu Yan said, they just said to wait for me to go back. Entering the emergency ward at this time can better play their ability and value. I am confident that I will overcome the epidemic.

Some anti AIDS drugs have been used in the treatment of new pneumonia, and some curative effects have been achieved

On January 23, Wang Guangfa, director of respiratory and critical care medicine department of Peking University First Hospital, who was previously diagnosed with the new type of coronavirus, said in a media interview that the AIDS treatment drug lopinavir / ritonavir (LPV / R, trade name: Coolidge) was effective for him, and his temperature improved within one day after taking it. In fact, in the trial version of the new coronavirus infected pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan issued by the National Health Commission (now updated to the third version), it has been pointed out that klitschke can be used for the antiviral treatment of the new coronavirus.

In the interview, Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center revealed that, clinically, some HIV antiviral drugs were used in the clinical treatment of new coronavirus pneumonia, and achieved some curative effect. In addition to Klebsiella, there are also some potentially effective drugs in China that can be used to fight against new coronaviruses.

On the same day of the interview, Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center revealed that auxiliary robots will be introduced into the isolation ward of the center. Mobile robots can help doctors consult and transmit image data. Minimize the contact between doctors and patients, and reduce the occupational exposure of medical staff. At the same time, the robot is waterproof and impervious, and can be disinfected every day. Currently, it is only used for isolation ward on the first floor.

At 2:00 p.m. on January 24, Shanghai hospital management headquarters of Sinopharm Holding Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Weidie Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. jointly donated 6 remote controllable video robots to Shanghai public health center in the first time, which are currently available for the whole A3 building.

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Assistant can control video robot.