Zhejiang film industry boycotts the debut of lost Mom: dishonesty

 Zhejiang film industry boycotts the debut of lost Mom: dishonesty

We believe that in the Internet era, it is a legal act for film and television works to obtain legitimate rights and interests through Internet video website broadcasting. Under the premise of following the industry guidelines and ensuring the basic rights and interests of all parties, the industry should give active support. For this reason, China film distribution and projection Association and China producer association have made clear requirements for the cinema window period.

However, this time, the behavior of the Internet Premiere of the film embarrassed mother produced by joyful media is a kind of behavior that undermines the basic rules of the industry (hereinafter referred to as embarrassed mother). The practitioners of the film industry in Zhejiang Province firmly condemn it for the following reasons:

1. The film mother in distress was originally released in the cinema, but it was withdrawn due to the spread of the Wuhan epidemic. After the event, joyful media could choose a suitable time to release and continue to enjoy its economic rights and interests. However, the national cinema also invested a considerable amount of money in the screening of the film lost mother. This lost mother behavior brought great losses to the national cinema.

2. Since the development of Chinas film industry, we support new model breakthroughs, but we need to innovate in accordance with basic market principles. If the film lost Mom is publicized and released for screening in the early stage with the goal of Internet, then this lost Mom behavior is a legitimate act of rights and interests. But the early goal of the film mother in distress is the cinema. The national cinema has made publicity for the film mother in distress. The cinema is the main propaganda position, but its benefits are now enjoyed by the Internet platform. This kind of behavior is not innovation, but dishonest behavior in order to protect itself and no matter the interests of others.

3. As the ancients said, valuing profit over righteousness is despised by gentlemen and hated by the public. The core values of socialism in the new era require patriotism, dedication, honesty and friendliness. People in the film industry need to be patriotic, respect their own industry, follow the industrys basic principles of integrity, and be friendly to others. At the time of the current pneumonia in Wuhan, people all over the country are united in their efforts to overcome the difficulties. In the special period, the film industry took the overall situation into consideration and understood the general situation. Most of the theaters temporarily stopped normal operation and suffered huge economic losses without regret. But joyous media, on its own, ignores the interests of others. In a special period, it takes a special way to kidnap public opinion, just like commenting on its behavior on the Internet - talking about how to overcome the difficulties together, only betraying its faith.

Signed here, practitioners of the film industry in Zhejiang Province hereby declare:

1. I hope that the media will stop the Internet Premiere of the film.

2. For example, Huanxi media insists on the Internet Premiere of the movie lost mother, and the film industry in Zhejiang Province subsequently boycotts Huanxi media and Xu Zhengs films to a certain extent.

When you are ordered to drink ice at night, you cant sleep at night! Along the way, the Chinese film industry has been witnessing hardships and hardships. Especially in recent years, with the support of the propaganda departments of the party committees at all levels, the national counterparts have gone through many difficulties and difficulties before they reach todays lights. The industry needs to develop, the employees need a common principle, and on the way forward, we cant forget our original intention!

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More than 20000 employees in Zhejiang film industry

On the line! The debut of the popular film lost Mom on the Internet for free

On January 24, a platform said that after communicating with the media, we won the new years comedy and met with you on the first day of the Lunar New Year (January 25). The film lost Mom was broadcast exclusively on the Internet, which was the first spring festival film ever broadcast online.

The release of Mom in distress has been terminated

The films party, Huanxi media, announced that Huanhuan, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, has entered into a cooperation agreement with Beijing bybeat Network Technology Co., Ltd. Huanhuan and bybeat will cooperate in various fields related to online video, and bybeat will pay at least 630 million yuan to Huanhuan.