Ten rumours of new pneumonia in Wuhan are smashed once and for all

 Ten rumours of new pneumonia in Wuhan are smashed once and for all

The pneumonia virus cant beat us, let alone rumors.

Can salt water gargle kill the virus

Fact: brackish water does not have the function of killing virus

The light salt water commonly used in medicine is not the condiment dip dish made by people at home with the salt for cooking!

Even normal saline (0.9% NaCl solution) in the sense of medicine does not have the effect of sterilization.

Its better to stay at home and practice your muscles and strengthen your immunity than to wash your mouth with fresh saltwater all day long.

Can cooking vinegar with garlic kill the virus

Fact: garlic and vinegar dont kill the virus at all.

Long term (90 days) dietary supplement of garlic extract (2.56g per day) can indeed enhance the bodys immunity and alleviate the symptoms of influenza to a certain extent [3,4].

But dont be too happy.

Can VC effervescent tablet prevent pneumonia

Fact: eating VC cant improve immunity, prevent virus infection or even prevent common cold.

Although some studies have found that VC can shorten the course of the common cold a little, it is either because of the placebo effect, or it can shorten several hours on average [5].

Whats the difference between a cold and a few hours earlier?

And there seems to be no difference between high-dose and low-dose VC.

VC, as an antioxidant, can only prevent sepsis, and it is powerless to virus infection.

Long term use of VC may also cause diarrhea, rash, stones and other symptoms. The recommended daily intake of 100mg is enough for normal people. Its useless to eat more.

Normal people to buy VC effervescent tablets to eat, can only say, but not necessary.

Expect VC to protect you from Wuhan pneumonia, VC is really not that capable.

Fact: no Chinese medicine can prevent pneumonia.

Guangdong Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine issued a statement on January 21 that the Wuhan pneumonia prevention formula was actually compiled by netizens!

No matter what Chinese medicine you boil, you cant prevent the new coronavirus!

The ancestors did not know any coronavirus. Even modern Chinese medicine was discussing the treatment plan like the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, which refuted the rumors.

At present, no matter in traditional Chinese and Western medicine, no specific drugs have been developed for the new coronavirus, only symptomatic and supportive treatment can be achieved.

Therefore, its better to stay away from people and stay away from home.

At that time, every family of SARS took Banlangen as water to drink. In fact, it was not Banlangen that contained SARS, but the attention that everyone put in mind!

Chinese medicine as a spiritual sustenance can be, but scientific prevention measures: more hand washing, less going out, wearing masks can not be less!

Can smoking prevent pneumonia

Fact: smoking is more likely to lead to pneumonia.

Is this rumor an undercover sent by the tobacco company!

There is no evidence that smokers have significantly lower rates of viral pneumonia than nonsmokers.

There is only one way to prevent viral pneumonia - that is to get the corresponding vaccine [6]. Unfortunately, there is no vaccine for the new coronavirus in Wuhan.

Moreover, smoking is more likely to be infected with pneumonia than non-smoking.

First of all, smoking will damage the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, reduce the immunity of the respiratory tract, and make it easier for the virus to enter.

Secondly, smoking and wearing a mask are not both acceptable. The new coronavirus is transmitted through droplets, and it is more likely to be infected without a mask.

In addition, when smoking, the hand will frequently contact the nose and mouth, and the microorganism on the hand has a greater chance to enter the human body through the nose and mouth to cause infection.

So smoking cant prevent pneumonia at all!

Can drinking and steaming sauna prevent pneumonia

Fact: drinking, steaming and sauna cant prevent pneumonia! No!

Indeed, a few days ago, academicians just said that the new coronavirus is not resistant to high temperature and alcohol. But this refers to the disinfection of articles, alcohol wiping and high temperature can kill the virus.

Lets start with drinking. First of all, most of the alcohol can not reach the effective concentration of medical alcohol, that is to say, even if it is used to wipe the body surface, it has no effect.

Second, drink the alcohol, which is absorbed through the digestive tract and metabolized in the liver. That is to say, these alcohol, which is supposed to harm the virus, has harmed your liver. In the long run, it is hepatitis, cirrhosis, even liver cancer!

And sauna.

There are also certain conditions for the elimination of pneumonia virus by high temperature, which need to reach a certain temperature and last for a certain period of time.

Whether the sauna can reach this temperature, and whether you can keep it in it for such a long time are unknown.

Actually, you can boil the virus in the sauna, but can you stay in the sauna 24 hours a day?

As soon as I came out of the sauna room, there were people coming and going in the shop and on the road, and the potential virus particles in the air came to my face, but there was also a risk of infection.

Stay at home and try not to go anywhere. Its a more reliable preventive measure than going to the sauna to meet people less recently.

Is hand sanitizer more useful

Fact: the main component of hands free disinfectant is chlorhexidine, which can kill bacteria, but can not effectively kill coronavirus [7]!

Squeeze it on your hand. Although it smells clean and sanitary, the coronavirus is still waiting for the opportunity.

On the contrary, ordinary hand sanitizer + water washing can drive them away from your hands.

The key is to wash hands carefully and standard! Seven steps to wash your hands!

While washing and reading: inside, outside, clamp, bow, big, stand, wrist!

If disinfection is needed, 75% of alcohol and chlorine containing fungicides such as 84 disinfectant can kill the coronavirus!

Can ultraviolet ozone lamp disinfect

Fact: UV ozone lamp is not recommended for disinfection.

In many medical institutions and laboratories, ultraviolet lamps are installed to sterilize.

Later, scientists also found that short wavelength ultraviolet (254nm) can directly affect the nucleic acid chain of coronavirus, inhibit the extension and replication of nucleic acid, thus reducing the virus infection rate of Ebola virus and Middle East respiratory syndrome virus (mers) [9].

However, there are many kinds of ultraviolet rays and different wavelengths. Its difficult for ordinary people to choose the right ultraviolet products. Moreover, the risk of ultraviolet rays is very high. It can not only cause skin burns and corneal damage, but also cause cancer [8, 10, 11].

If you inhale this kind of gas constantly, it may also increase the burden on the lungs, which may be counterproductive to our prevention and treatment of respiratory pneumonia [12,20].

Therefore, it is not recommended to use ultraviolet ozone lamp and other products to prevent and control virus under non professional guidance.

Is the virus not easy to infect young people and children

Academicians said that in terms of current epidemiology and current cognition, it is indeed not susceptible [13].

But not because it is not easy to infect, you can go out and play boldly.

Because the academician also said, we are in a cognitive process for this virus [13].

The new coronavirus is similar to SARS. Yes, the epidemiology of SARS also shows that the incidence of children and infants is less [15], but it has its own characteristics [13].

It is mainly transmitted by respiratory tract, such as coughing, sneezing, etc., or the droplets with pathogens contact the mucous membrane, such as eyes, nose, mouth, which can also be indirectly transmitted by pollutants.

Exposure to a large number of viruses, or poor autoimmune function, can increase the risk of infection.

According to the report of who on January 12, according to the epidemiological survey, most of the patients were the operators and purchasers of South China seafood wholesale market [15].

The young people who cherished their lives bought masks early and stayed at home.

Adults are more likely to come into contact with people because of work reasons. Avoid contact with people with cold symptoms, wash hands frequently and wear masks.

The poor quality of the elderly, combined with many basic diseases, poor medication, relatively poor prognosis, need special attention.

Medical and health workers have more contact with patients, but also face the risk of infection with new coronavirus [16].

In the Spring Festival, no matter how easy or not, we should consciously take protective measures.

Go to less crowded places to protect yourself and others.

Do you want to reject the express delivery from Wuhan

Fact: Wuhan express can accept it!

The survival time of the virus in vitro is only a few hours, and it will die soon after loading, and it will not commit any more crimes!

But when you open the door, you must wear a mask!

The virus can be passed from person to person, and the express delivery brother is currently a high-risk occupation.

At the same time, remind the hard working express brother to pay attention to protection!

Does pneumonia virus really have medicine to treat

Fact: who has not yet published a specific drug for the new coronavirus.

Because research takes time [17,18].

However, the third edition of the guide issued by the health and Construction Commission has put forward the corresponding scheme [19].

For the virus, consider the use of u03b1 - interferon atomization inhalation, lopinavir and other antiviral treatment.

Drugs should not be taken randomly. Only when bacteria are found to be infected can antibiotics be combined.

Some local epidemiological histories, or people with travel history and exposure to influenza virus, can consider empirical therapy, including neuraminidase inhibitors to treat [17].

Glucocorticoids are the last resort [17].

Although it can reduce the inflammatory response of the lung, the risk of secondary infection in the later stage is higher, and it may also delay the elimination of the virus.

Clinical use should be combined with the patients respiratory degree and imaging examination.

Again, prevention is important! Professional affairs to professional people to do, once symptoms, please go to the local fever clinic in time!

There are only three ways to prevent and control the new coronavirus

First, isolate the source of infection.

Isolate the suspected or confirmed patients, and make sure where the virus comes from as soon as possible, and clean up the source;

Minimize contact with patients, take protective measures when going to public places, keep the distance between people (at least more than one meter), and disinfect if necessary;

Therefore, it is recommended to reduce travel, wear medical masks, maintain hand hygiene and alcohol disinfection.

The third is to protect the susceptible population, which can be vaccinated if conditions permit.

Unfortunately, the virus is too cunning to develop a vaccine in a short time. We can only suggest that you dont always sit and play mobile phones at home. You should exercise frequently to improve your health!

Planning of this period:

Visiting scholar Huang Luqi, Department of physiology, Yang Luling Medical College, National University of Singapore

He Yibai, graduate student of oncology, Peking Union Medical College Hospital

Cheng yaoyue, postgraduate of Tianjin University of traditional Chinese Medicine

















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