Visit during the Spring Festival, and stop these teasing behaviors

 Visit during the Spring Festival, and stop these teasing behaviors

The child is in the stage of growth and development, and the function of each organ is not perfect. At this time, drinking alcohol has a very serious damage to the body. Alcohol can block nerve development, slow thinking and damage the liver. Even if drinking a small amount of alcohol, childrens attention, memory, learning ability will also be reduced, thinking speed will become slow. Especially in children with immature liver function, the ability of detoxification and metabolism of alcohol is low. Drinking light will cause headache, heavy will cause coma or even death.

People who smoke for a long time, people who dont smoke around them in a room with smoke for an hour, are equivalent to smoking a cigarette, the World Health Organization said

Many chemicals in the smoke have been proved to cause cancer and other diseases, including respiratory infection, bronchitis and pneumonia; children exposed to second-hand smoke are more likely to have ear infection and asthma; nicotine can also affect sleep, and childrens sleep time and sleep quality will be reduced due to smoking, and their growth, development and learning effect will also be affected Rate.

For the healthy growth of the baby and harmonious family, before the new year, parents should form a United Front, which relatives are responsible for communication, I believe most people can accept and understand.