Last season made CBA history, this season dropped to 12, how about Shenzhen team

 Last season made CBA history, this season dropped to 12, how about Shenzhen team

What is the problem of Shenzhen mens basketball team?

3. The core data are all listed in the reciprocal, and there are loopholes inside and outside the team

First of all, from the basic data of the team, Shenzhen team scored 99.8 points on average, ranking 16th; assists 16.9 times on average, ranking 18th; three-point shooting rate 34.3%, ranking 15th. The three main offensive data, Shenzhen team performance is not ideal, data ranking is even lower than their 12th League record ranking.

Shenzhen team changed its name to navigator this season

After watching the attack, we can see the defense. The Shenzhen team did well in losing points per game. It lost 103.1 points per game, only higher than Beijing, Shandong, Beikong, Shanxi and Guangxia. It is the team with the sixth lowest score loss in the league. The main reason for the lack of points is that the teams attack and defense pace is slow (pace line 17). The next few data revealed their loopholes in defense.

The average rebounds of Shenzhen team are only 41.3 points, ranking the bottom of the league, while the average rebounds of Guangzhou team and Tianjin team are 41.5 and 41.6 respectively. In terms of the three-point shooting rate, Shenzhen team ranks first in the league with 39.5%, which is the CBA team with the worst defense ability on the outside line. The data of Tianjin team is 38.16%, Bayi team is 38.04%, Guangzhou team is 37.57%, all of which are better than Shenzhen team.

The basic data of the team is so bad, so how about the performance of Shenzhen team under the high-level data system of Netease? In terms of netrtg (difference in attack and defense efficiency), Shenzhen team ranked 13th with - 3.6; their pace (rhythm) ranked 17th with 90, indicating that the teams attack pace was slow, TRB (rebounding rate) ranked 14th, and was defeated by most CBA opponents in rebounding competition.

Several high-level data directly reflecting the level of attack, Shenzhen team is also not ideal. Their EFG% (effective hit rate) was 52.4, ranking 14th only; their ast% (assist rate) was 47.4, ranking 17th; their AST / to (assist error ratio) was 1.1, ranking 17th as well.

The low ranking of assist rate shows that Shenzhen teams overall cooperation in attack is less, and the attack is more accomplished through players single fight; the error ratio of assist also reflects the poor quality of their cooperation in attack. In this respect, they are only superior to Tianjin, Bayi and Tongxi, and the achievements of these three teams are behind Shenzhen team.

To sum up, Shenzhen team in scoring, rebounding, assists the three most critical data performance, are ranked in the League bottom position. Combined with their worst defense ability in the league, they are very lucky to be ranked 12th. And the data of losing points and rebounds per game shows that it is not so bad because the teams rhythm is slow and the attack and defense rounds are reduced.

Foreign aid will not be a big problem, and the domestic Twin Towers configuration will not play out.

The reason why Shenzhen teams attack is weak and rebounds suffer so much this season is, in the final analysis, related to the configuration of foreign aid they choose.

Dongguan team, the predecessor of Shenzhen team, is one of the CBA teams that tried to deploy double small foreign aid earlier. As early as the end of the 2010-11 regular season, when internal and external aid froman was injured, the Dongguan team did not change an internal and external aid step by step, but used the combination of Josh - akhenon + Horace two small foreign aid for three games.

The first Jackson / sabaz combination of the season

Last year, after the first round of the playoffs, the big foreign aid Essy didnt perform well, Shenzhen team decided to change back to bykes and partnered with Burton as a double small foreign aid team, which achieved amazing results to complete the big reversal against Beijing. After tasting the sweetness, Shenzhen team used the configuration of double outside line foreign aid this season, with Mohammed and Pierre Jackson partner. Because Jacksons possession of ball power is too much and he is not defensive, he was abandoned and replaced with bykes, who is still a double small foreign aid configuration.

So infatuated with the double small foreign aid play, with the personnel structure of the Shenzhen team. For a long time, they have attached great importance to the reserve of local internal talents. In recent years, Li muhao, the domestic internal double tower and Shen Zijie, nicknamed Chinas big bird, have been able to take on important tasks, which gives Shenzhen team the confidence to abandon internal and external aid. But this season, the domestic Twin Towers has been disappointing, and their performance of the basket has not been improved. There are only 6.1 and 6.2 rebounds each.

Martin didnt perform as expected

After the failure of using the pure domestic internal line, Shenzhen replaced 2.08m internal and external aid Jarrell Martin from the 13th round. After being forced to change back to the conventional configuration of large and small foreign aid, problems appeared in Shenzhens external line, especially the attack power decreased significantly. Shenzhen averaged 103.6 points in the first 12 rounds, and only scored 96.6 points in the 13th-26th rounds. This adjustment appears to be headache and foot pain, but it does not solve the fundamental problem.

According to the basic data of the main rotation players of Shenzhen team, their attack points are too scattered, only one player of small foreign aid, baix, scores 20 + per field, and Martin scores the highest among the other players, not 13.1 per field. On the contrary, other teams in the top rank, in addition to double foreign aid, often have a domestic attack strength of about 15 points per game.

In the local twin towers of Shenzhen team, Li muhao averaged 11.2 points and 6.1 rebounds, and Shen Zijie averaged 12.4 points and 6.2 rebounds. The attack and defense data of the two players were also regular. And both of them belong to the pie eating type of inner line, lacking the ability to score independently with the ball. The two players only have 2.3 assists in the field, which shows that the ability of organizing and responding is very general.

Both inner lines are pie eating, with insufficient coping ability

According to Neteases high-level data, the per (efficiency value) of foreign aid Jarrell Martin of Shenzhen team is only 13.30, significantly lower than that of Shen Zijie and Li muhao, and EFG (effective hit rate) is only 43.41, ranking No. 9 in the existing team. And his USG (ball possession rate) is 24.81, second only to that of the whole team. With so much ball power and so low efficiency, Martins performance can only be described as bad.

In contrast, sabaz Mohammed, the foreign aid that Shenzhen has replaced, although the USG% is as high as 29.47, both per of 29.41 and EFG of 60.79 significantly exceed all the players of Shenzhen team at the present stage. When Shenzhen team replaced him, no specific reasons were disclosed. Of course, sabaz Mohammeds performance is not perfect, but the level of his replacement is so poor that it is astonishing.

After the replacement of shabaz Mohammed, no one in the current squad in Shenzhen has an effective hit rate of more than 60%, which means that no one in Shenzhen team is trustworthy when the game reaches a critical moment. Even the best comprehensive ability of bykes, compared with other small foreign aid in the league, is also dwarfed by its efficiency, ranking only 15th in the small foreign aid. In Franklin, Jones, Adams, marchamp, Hudson and other thigh level foreign aid against the background, bykes ability seems too general.

Six people score double but no absolute core

Although the teams poor performance, but this does not prevent Shenzhen team to become one of the most photographed teams this season. The key word that they make headlines many times is kill.

Mabris Heidegger, he Xining, made an outstanding performance and entered the CBA all star

In the 9th round of Xinjiang, after the other side equalised the score in the last 1.7 seconds, Shen Zijie took a quarterback long pass from the bottom line and swung the basket in front of the court. Shen Zijie followed the trend and hit in the air to reappear Munichs winner; in the 13th round of Sichuan, he Xining, the disciple of mabri, made a shot at the penalty line in the back field in the last 0.1 seconds and hit the post for three minutes; in the 14th round of Beijing, he Xining made another shot in the last 2 seconds Its a pity that he was fouled by Lin Shuhaos long-range throw and finished the anti kill with three free throws.

He Xining and Shen Zijie are all stars

No matter the classic cases of the above-mentioned killing and anti killing, or the whole season, he Xining, Gu Quan and Shen Zijie, the domestic players, have made brilliant performances, but they play ups and downs, some of them score more than 20 points, some of them are single digits or even zero points. However, as the basic data and high-level data of players presented before, Shenzhen team lacks the core of absolute sense, and there is no reliable player at the critical moment, just as the highlight moments are distributed among different players.

Local players of Shenzhen team are unstable

All of the above players are role players with their own characteristics. The whole season is full of ups and downs. Shen Zijie has been in a state of attack depression with 4 and 5 points in a single game. Considering the embarrassing performance of scoring less than 8 points in 9 games, including 2 games with zero scores, he Xining has a poor offensive feel in 7 of the last 9 games.

Although there are as many as six players scoring double points per game, as shown in the teams high-level data, the lower assists rate and the higher assists error ratio, Shenzhen team is not a team with strong overall combat ability, but rather a state of playing independently, which also leads to their extremely unstable performance.

The goal is wonderful, but it can cover up many problems. The fact that there have been many kills just shows that the performance of Shenzhen team in the regular time is not good enough. This season, they lost more than 15 points in a single quarter. In the first 26 rounds, they lost 8 times in total. In the 17th round, Fujian even lost 21 points in a single quarter. In the first quarter, they fell 15 points or more behind, even up to 5 times.

After the disastrous defeat of the first battle in Guangdong, the general of Shenzhen realized the problem at the same time. Manager Wang Jianjun said: there are too many problems on the defensive end, especially on the outside line. The defensive state is not ideal, especially in the opening stage The hole dug in front is too big. Shen Zijie also concluded: lets start with our old problem. We lost in the beginning and the other sides outside line started. The slow start and the habitual digging of holes lead to the big score falling behind, which reflects that Shenzhen team has too much ups and downs and has not strong control over the situation, which is the lack of strong team temperament.

The teams problems are clear, so whats the solution for Shenzhen team? Last night, CBA company announced that it agreed to replace the foreign aid of Shenzhen team, NBA draft candidate aleric Freeman replaced Martin, Shenzhen team restructured the small foreign aid configuration, Freemans arrival, can become the cure of Shenzhen? Source: Netease sports Author: a yong editor in charge: Qiao yuanlei ufe50 ns1098

The teams problems are clear, so whats the solution for Shenzhen team? Last night, CBA company announced that it agreed to replace the foreign aid of Shenzhen team, NBA draft candidate aleric Freeman replaced Martin, Shenzhen team restructured the small foreign aid configuration, Freemans arrival, can become the cure of Shenzhen?