Wish for Hou Yongyongs birthday: hope the team can perform better than last year and win the championship

 Wish for Hou Yongyongs birthday: hope the team can perform better than last year and win the championship

The past season has been of great significance for young Hou Yongyong. As the first domesticated player to appear in Chinas domestic arena, Guoans appearance has attracted much attention. However, after the first Super Cup show at the beginning of the year, it seems that the young man has fallen into a bottleneck period. Limited by injuries and tactics, he has not really got many performance opportunities, but Hou Yongyong didnt give up, and redoubled his efforts to train was his response. When he scored against Changchun Yatai in the FA Cup and against Tianjin Tianhai in the league, Hou Yongyong proved that he not only had the appearance, but also had enough strength.

Hou Yongyongs every move has attracted much attention due to his naturalized players identity. However, if he wants to occupy a place in the champion level team of China, he has to rely on hard strength. From the end of last season, he can be competent for many positions in the middle and front court, and has gradually been recognized by coach Rene CIO. Several starting opportunities are the best reward for him, although his hair is the best There is still a gap from the outside worlds expectations, but in the past 2019, he has not achieved nothing from not being in the big list to getting a stable appearance.

When the time comes to 2020, Hou Yongyong also appears in the base of winter training on time. This winter, for him, the goal is very clear, that is to do all the preparations to lay a solid foundation for the upcoming new season. And for his birthday in winter training, Hou Yongyong also spoke his mind in front of the camera. For his own Chinese level, he said: I learn a little Chinese every day, and I also invite teachers at home to help me improve, of course, my mother will also provide some suggestions. Usually, I also watch Chinese TV programs.

When asked about the new years goals and birthday expectations, the shy boy first expressed his gratitude to the team for celebrating his birthday, and for the new season, he also hoped that he could play better with the club than last year to win a championship trophy.

Source: Xu Song, ns1943, editor in charge of Beijing Youth Daily