Inter double Erikssons annual salary! Marshal: he can leave with his head up

 Inter double Erikssons annual salary! Marshal: he can leave with his head up

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Erikssons contract with Tottenham is only half a year away and he can now contact his family. Sky sports has revealed that Serie A giants Inter are trying to buy, hoping to sign Eriksson in the winter transfer period. However, Eriksson, who is deeply involved in the transfer rumors, still started for Tottenham and played the whole game, and continued to contribute to the team.

Erikssons professional attitude was praised by manager Mourinho after the game. He played very well, very well, very professional, thats what I expect of him. If he decides to leave, I think he has to hold his head high, he has done everything for the team. For the fans to be respected, we have to be respected, but I think Eriksson has done it today

However, the mirror revealed that Inters annual contract salary for Eriksson is twice that of current Tottenham. Eriksson is currently paid u00a3 80000 a week at Tottenham, while Inter are offering a u00a3 160000 a week contract with an additional floating bonus based on the teams results and player performance. Inter are willing to sign Eriksson for four and a half years. Such a long-term contract with high salary will guarantee Erikssons future career.

Mirror also revealed that in order to sign Eriksson in the winter, inter are willing to offer Tottenham a transfer fee of 20 million pounds, which is a very sincere offer for players with only half a year left in the contract. In addition, inter propose to add midfielder Benigno to the transfer negotiations. If Eriksson is determined to leave, Mourinho would like Tottenham to reinforce the squad.

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