Crazy 35 seconds! Xiyi Team B is at its peak: Zidane is scared to pee!

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Real Madrid team B lost their mind in the kings Cup (source: Netease sports)

Salamanca guilds main stadium is called the raspistas stadium, which has only 4000 spectators. The stadium stands are small and short, and its a comprehensive stadium rather than a professional football stadium. In many primary and secondary schools in China, the playground conditions are better than this one.

According to the world sports daily, Salamanca has contacted the Spanish Football Association to ask if they can play the kings Cup here. Salamanca will kick off at 21:00 local time on the 22nd. In order to be able to play the kings Cup here, Salamanca guild will transform the stadium lighting system to meet the needs of TV broadcasting.

If the Salamanca guild knocks out Real Madrid, they will get between 31000 and 35000 euros. In addition to the previous bonus, Salamanca can get up to 145000 euros, which is not included in the ticket revenue. For low-level teams, its a big gift from the Spanish Football Association.

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Source: Netease sports Author: Zhang Lin editor in charge: Liu Yun ns4812