Guangxi realizes 4G full coverage in border areas

 Guangxi realizes 4G full coverage in border areas

Songcheng village, Youyi Town, Pingxiang City, Chongzuo City, is located in the remote mountainous area of South Xinjiang. In May this year, the construction of 4G base station set up a new channel for the small village to become rich. According to the team members in the village, the drinking water plant set up in the village relying on natural pure water resources has suffered from the lack of communication facilities and no one knows it in the boudoir. Today, the opening of 4G network allows rural remote areas to catch the information express. Drinking water companies have broadened their sales channels through the network, and the sales volume has increased greatly. Villagers can double their economic income without leaving home.

Due to historical reasons, many villages in Guangxi border line have poor natural conditions and backward communication infrastructure, which cut off the information communication between these villages and the outside world. In 2018, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of Finance promoted the fourth batch of pilot telecom universal services in order to effectively improve the 4G network coverage in border areas. Guangxi communications administration seized the opportunity to actively organize the application and was approved to build 738 4G base stations in the border area. The declaration has achieved the characteristics of full coverage, large scale and high density. Firstly, all eight counties (cities and districts) in Guangxi have been included in the pilot, secondly, the construction volume accounts for nearly 1 / 3 of the national scale in that year, and finally, a new base station has been built on the border line with an average of less than one kilometer, and each administrative village has built more than four base stations on average.

In the promotion of the project, Guangxi communications industry has carefully selected the site, established an interactive working mechanism, and overcome the difficulties such as poor station construction environment. At the same time, this work has been taken as an important practice of the theme education of never forget the original mind and keep the mission in mind, coordinated and accelerated, and completed all construction tasks in advance by October 2019. With the 4G base station set up and the mobile phone signal full up, the information communication of the border people is more convenient and smooth, which brings new opportunities for helping to get rid of poverty and become rich.

At present, more than 1100 iron towers and more than 1400 4G base stations have been set up in the border area of Guangxi, covering the 4G network in an area 0-3km away from the border. In 2020, Guangxi communications administration will, according to the requirements of the Party committee and the government of the autonomous region, promote the strengthening of the communication network in the border areas in accordance with the goal of striving for 4G network signal coverage for two enterprises and 4G network signal coverage for three local enterprises where conditions permit. To further improve the coverage level of communication network in Guangxi border area and gradually realize the one card to border area, several measures were taken, such as overall planning of current network resource sharing, network optimization, promotion of blind filling and leakage filling, improvement of maintenance and guarantee ability, and preferential treatment of communication tariff for border rural residents.

Source: editor in charge of peoples post and Telecommunications: Liao ziyao, nbjs10040