Hong Kong police take out the mobs arsenal and seize the bomb: powerful enough to kill a car of people

 Hong Kong police take out the mobs arsenal and seize the bomb: powerful enough to kill a car of people

One of the arrested was taken to a police car (source: Ta Kung Pao)

Overseas network, Jan. 15 - since the outbreak of the practice storm in Hong Kong, the rioters continue to escalate the violence. Hong Kong police have so far uncovered a number of cases involving high-performance explosives, remote-controlled bombs and live ammunition. Yesterday (14), the police launched a series of actions, in Mongkok seized local bombs, and in Sheung Shui destroyed a rioters explosive production laboratory, a total of four rioters arrested.

According to Hong Kongs Ta Kung Pao, at noon yesterday, police stopped three men from a residential building in Mongkok and took them to their residence with a court search warrant to search for home-made bombs and items related to recent riots, such as tactical helmets, v-masks, suspected bullet proof vests, inflammables and a small amount of cannabis drugs. Later, the police bomb disposal experts arrived, detonated the bomb at about 11 p.m., and a loud noise came from the scene. Police arrested three men on charges of illegal assembly in Mongkok, possession of explosives, conspiracy to produce explosives, possession of drugs and possession of tools for illegal use.

In Sheung Shui, after intelligence collection and analysis, the police destroyed a laboratory used to make explosives in a house in Heba village, seized beakers, measuring cups, test tubes, chemicals, electronic equipment and other laboratory facilities, and arrested a man who claimed to be a mechanic.

Chen Tianzhu, senior criminal police chief of the North New Territories District, was shocked when police seized a home-made bomb and destroyed an explosives laboratory in Sheung Shui. He pointed out that ignition, friction or impact can make the gunpowder in local bombs explode, which is believed to seriously harm personal safety. If a private car is attacked, its lethality will surely lead to the death of all the people in the car, and intelligence shows that there are thugs trying to bomb police or police facilities with homemade bombs. The police said they would continue to fight for the mob. At the same time, it is stressed that as long as there is a clue, the police will certainly track down, and even if the organization is not public, the police will be able to collect information and launch arrests.

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