Irans Ministry of Justice: arrested several people related to the Ukrainian airliner incident

 Irans Ministry of Justice: arrested several people related to the Ukrainian airliner incident

Irans judiciary has arrested several people related to the Ukrainian airliner incident (source: video synthesis)

Irans judiciary has arrested several people involved in the Ukrainian airliner incident, Irans official news agency reported Thursday, citing Irans admission that it accidentally shot down the plane.

Iranian judiciary spokesman Ismaili held a press conference on the same day, saying the panel is investigating and interrogating relevant personnel, collecting relevant documents, and has arrested many people.

Ismaili also said the planes black box had been sent to France for declassification, with experts from Iran and Ukraine participating in the whole process. But a day earlier, Ukraines foreign minister, priestyko, said Iran had promised to give Ukraine two black boxes - the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder for analysis.

Iranian President Mahmoud Rouhani asked Irans judiciary to set up a special court composed of senior judges and ten experts to further identify the cause of the Ukrainian airliner incident in a live broadcast on Irans state television Sunday. This crash is very unusual, the whole world is concerned about how Iran deals with it, hoping that the results of the investigation will give everyone an answer, Rouhani said.

On August 8, a Boeing 737-800 airliner of Ukrainian International Airlines took off from Khomeini International Airport in Tehran, Iran, to Kiev, Ukraine, but crashed shortly after taking off, leaving no one on board. Irans military said in a statement on the 11th that the plane was shot down unintentionally by the Iranian military, and the accident was caused by human error.

Foreign Ministry of Irans recognition of misfiring: hope to be properly handled

Geng Shuang said that China is saddened by the tragedy of the plane crash in Ukraine. We express our deep condolences to the victims and sincere condolences to their families. We also note that the relevant parties have maintained communication on this matter. It is hoped that this incident can be properly handled to avoid further complication of the situation.

Irans central insurance company said Wednesday that the Iranian government will actively cooperate with Ukraine in the compensation of losses due to the crash of Ukrainian aircraft in Iran, with the maximum amount of compensation up to US $150 million.