The actual controller of Shanxi Lubao group is restricted to consume: the annual revenue is over 20 billion, and Zeng Hao has invested 30 million reward employees

 The actual controller of Shanxi Lubao group is restricted to consume: the annual revenue is over 20 billion, and Zeng Hao has invested 30 million reward employees

Tianyancha shows that since 2019, Lubao group has been involved in a number of legal proceedings, mostly civil execution and financial contract disputes. In addition, Lubao group also has 11 environmental penalties. Taking lhfz [2016] No. 14 as an example, the company was fined for its unorganized emission of smoke and dust during the coal loading and coke discharging process, and for failing to complete the transformation of coke oven flue gas desulfurization and denitrification.

According to the official website, Lubao group was founded in 1994. Now it has developed into a large-scale Sino foreign joint venture with modern fine chemicals as the leading role, covering the fields of power, logistics, red tourism, modern agriculture and medicine. The group has more than 10000 employees, total assets of more than 16 billion yuan, and annual sales revenue of nearly 20 billion yuan. Lubao group also said, over the years, it has been ranked among the top 100 private enterprises in China, and Shanxis private enterprises rank first.

In September 2018, Shanxi Federation of industry and Commerce sponsored the release of top 100 private enterprises in Shanxi in 2018. According to the list, Lubao group ranks first with a revenue of 19.725 billion yuan. In addition, according to the list of top 100 private enterprises in 2019, Shanxi Jianlong Industry Co., Ltd. ranks first with a revenue scale of 31.569 billion yuan, and Lubao group ranks third with a revenue of 23.109 billion yuan.

Time finance and economics has repeatedly called the switchboard of Lubao group on such issues as restricted consumption and enterprise pollution, and no one answered the call.

A guarantee?

In August 2019, according to the Beijing News, Lubao group was listed as the executor by the courts in Beijing and Shanxi for many times, with case numbers of (2019) Jin 0406, 152, (2019) Jing 03, 923, (2019) Jing 03, 924, and (2019) Jing 03, 1014, etc., with different amounts of execution targets.

Lubao group replied that the case of (2019) jing03 holding 923, (2019) jing03 holding 924, (2019) jing03 holding 1014 is a dispute over a financial loan guarantee contract. The main debtor is Shanxi Jinhui Energy Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jinhui group), and Lubao group and ten other legal and natural persons provided guarantee for Jinhui group.

Jinhui group is also a famous local enterprise in Shanxi Province. It is one of the top 100 enterprises in Shanxi Province, with more than 10000 employees. According to the official website, Jinhui group is a large-scale private enterprise mainly engaged in coal coking circular economy, salt chemical circular economy and real estate development, integrating international trade and financial services. It has 49 subsidiary companies under its jurisdiction, with a total number of more than 10000 employees and its headquarters in Taiyuan. Li Shenggui is the chairman and actual controller.

According to the (2019) jing03 Zhi 924-1 execution ruling issued by the third intermediate peoples Court of Beijing on December 30, 2019, the civil judgment (2017) jingminchu 124 issued by the Beijing Higher Peoples court has taken legal effect. The applicant, Taiyuan branch of China Minsheng Bank, applies to the Beijing Higher Peoples court for compulsory execution, and the Beijing Higher Peoples court designates the court for enforcement Yes, the court filed the case on July 26, 2019, with the subject amount of more than 197 million yuan and corresponding interest.

The ruling shows that there is no property available for execution under the name of the executee; the case has served the first disposal court of 49% of the equity of Shanxi Jinhui Coal Coking Chemical Co., Ltd. held by the executee Shanxi Jinhui energy group and 35 real estate under the name of the executor Li Shenggui with materials for participation in distribution, and has taken measures to restrict high consumption against the executee in the case.

In addition, in addition to Lubao group and Jinhui group, Shanxi Datuhe Coking Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Wenfeng Coking Technology Co., Ltd. were listed as executors.

In August 2019, Lubao group responded to the guarantee issue by saying that at present, Lubao group has sound operation, considerable benefits, controllable debts and sufficient development potential. Lubao people will never forget their original heart, keep in mind their mission, grow bigger and stronger, and contribute to the society. They will continue to carry forward the pioneering spirit of one day as three days, eight hours as one day, strive to achieve the goal of three years to rebuild a new Lubao, and make greater contributions to social development.

30 million bonus employees

According to the official website, the current production capacity of Lubao group is 6 million tons of metallurgical coke, 300000 tons of tar processing, 500000 tons of methanol, 1 million tons of fine chemical products, and 20 million tons of railway freight capacity.

Industrial and commercial information shows that Han Changan, chairman of the board, holds 72.41% of the shares of Lubao group and holds the controlling right of the company. Han Changan once ranked 105th in the Forbes China rich list with 3.16 billion yuan in 2008, and 429 in the New Fortune 500 in 2017 with 3.5 billion yuan.

Han Changans commercial territory is very extensive. Tianyan survey shows that Han Changan actually controls 33 companies, involving coal, chemical industry, agriculture, feed, tourism, transportation and other industries.

It is worth mentioning that in October last year, Lubao group was on the hot search for throwing 30 million bonus employees. Shanxi Lubao group held the 25th anniversary celebration and labor model commendation conference to commend 17 outstanding officials in enterprise development, 7 super model workers and 25 model workers, with a total prize value of more than 30 million yuan, Huanghe news network Changzhi channel reported.

The report also said that at the recognition conference, 17 Lubao enterprise development heroes, such as Han Xinyou and Wang Xilong, won the grand prize for high-end cars or luxury villas, 32 labor models, such as Ma Wei, won the Grand Screen luxury flat-panel TV; 10000 employees of Lubao group increased their wages by 3-5 grades according to their working years, and each won a set of commemorative coins worth 3000 yuan for the 25th anniversary of the factory.

At the same time, Lubao group and its holding companies have been punished for environmental violations for many times. According to business news corporate finance, only in 2018 and 2019, Lubao group and its holding companies Shanxi Luan Huanneng Coal Coking Chemical Co., Ltd., Shanxi Lubao Xinghai New Material Co., Ltd., Shanxi Lubao group Jingang Zhaofeng Coal Chemical Co., Ltd., Shanxi Jiantao Lubao Chemical Co., Ltd. and other groups and their holding companies were affected by environmental violations The amount of administrative penalty imposed by relevant local departments is more than 45 million yuan.

The main violations of Lubao group include violation of air pollution prevention and control management system, violation of environmental impact assessment system, violation of solid waste management system, violation of water pollution prevention and control management system.

It is worth noting that time finance and economics found that the maximum amount of a single fine of 32 million yuan was cut by Lubao group by querying the statistics of environmental administrative punishment cases in January November 2019 disclosed by the Environmental Protection Bureau of Lucheng District, Changzhi City. Lubao group was fined 32 million yuan by the Environmental Protection Bureau of Lucheng District, Changzhi City for starting construction without reporting and approving the environmental impact statement and report form of the construction project according to law.

Song Qinghui, chief economist of Qinghui think tank, told time finance and economics that the work is the work, the work is the work, the work is the work, the work is not worth, the work is not covered. As a public company, the waste gas released from the production plant of Lubao group pollutes the surrounding environment, which should be rectified quickly, and we should never perfunctory. (Li Hongli, Beijing Time Finance)

Source: time finance editor: Liu Songpeng nbj9949