Chen Sicheng and the creator of the online drama Tang probe gather together to praise Qiu Zehuis flirtation

 Chen Sicheng and the creator of the online drama Tang probe gather together to praise Qiu Zehuis flirtation

The online drama detective Tang revolves around limo and five smart children on the list of crimaster detectives, telling how new detectives can solve strange cases. The first case, the dance of Mandala, reveals the deepest evil resonance of peoples hearts with suspense + humanity. The second case, the name of the rose, revolves around love + reversal, presenting different ways of opening suspense drama from the perspective of women, bringing the audience a new feeling of romantic suspense. The third case, ghost Invitational, which will be launched soon, combines funny + game and focuses on exploring the new trend of youth, attracting peoples expectation.

Qiu Ze and Zhang Junning restore the classic fragment of the name of the rose in the live game of the release conference of the online drama Tang probe. Qiu Ze looks for clues to solve the case by asking questions. When they ask each other and answer each other, they see moves. Qiu Zes soul asks Zhang Junning for the routine 8 times in a row, and Zhang Junnings witty counter routine answers, attracting laughter from the audience. Zhang Junning says Qiu Ze is very handsome, and he is very good at flirting with others. In the movie set, he kills and captures a lot of fans. Wang zhener reappears a smile of a Wen on the spot, and works with Gao ye to stage a feminine attack on Qiu Ze. Qiu Ze does not admit defeat. The scene of imitating Ivys name in the play is restored on the spot. He gets the essence of mens Ivy and then gets the praise of the original Ivy Zhang Junning, which causes the screams on the spot.

Chen Zheyuan, Ma boqian and Cui Yuxin, the five Lingtong teams, came on the stage. The three of them met each other and couldnt stop laughing. In order to have a good look in the new years mirror, the three people together taught the audience how to show their thin face in a concave shape and put their chin in a cool posture for a second. The scene is full of laughs. The sand sculptures with terrifying and interesting features combine with the five soul boy teams, making the mouth corners of the audience unable to bend down. They also used the keyword unexpected to show the style of the third case ghost Invitational to arouse the whole audiences expectation. This story is a gift for young people, Chen said frankly.

At the conference, the special short film of characters was released to present the wonderful fragments of a group of new characters of Tang Dynasty exploring the universe. The third case, ghost Invitational, will be launched on Wednesday.