Rocket girl 101sunnee Yang Yunqing releases welfare EP Qingge and its public praise is cracked

 Rocket girl 101sunnee Yang Yunqing releases welfare EP Qingge and its public praise is cracked

As soon as Qingge was released, it was highly recognized by fans and professionals. Sunnes warm and powerful voice, relaxed and attitudinal singing, and strong singing skills all made the audience very amazing, and would also be inspired by the attitude expressed by the singers, who wanted to know themselves more deeply and be themselves more firmly. Fans said that there is a kind of free and easy way to bear the weight. The feeling of warm healing, very picture sense. Qingge MV was launched on December 28, and its beautiful pictures and excellent production have been widely praised. Netizens call every frame a beautiful wallpaper!

Dunke, a music critic, commented that: Sunne has shown enough softness and delicacy in her singing. At the same time, she can also contain the sense of strength in her singing, create a clever mixture (healing and encouraging), and present her own characteristics at different levels. Zou Xiaoying, a music critic, said that her stable breath, recognizable timbre, powerful but non sensational singing style make her voice stand out and be remembered by you. As she did in her latest personal EP Qingge, she can always simply open her heart and connect others.

After the music audition platform was launched, Qingge quickly occupied the audition platform, Douban, Weibo and other social platforms, and continued to be on the list for many days. The ever-increasing ranking is also a strong manifestation of the quality and popularity of songs. The support of fans and the recognition of the public indicate the infinite potential of singer Sunne and more possibilities in the future.

At the end of 2019, Qingge, a sincere and excellent EP, is undoubtedly a perfect answer given by rocket girl 101 sunnee Yang Yunqing, and also looks forward to more and better music development of singer sunnee in 2020.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Han Chong, nbj11345