Xu Jiaying sings the theme song of the movie the presence of bears u00b7 wild land

 Xu Jiaying sings the theme song of the movie the presence of bears u00b7 wild land

Xu Jiaying sings a theme song with warm heart

Xu Jiaying, a creative musical talent with amazing strength, sang the warm heart theme song Ive always been here of bear haunting wild land. The quiet voice with gentle power reaches the softest part of the audiences heart. Along with the unforgettable melody, the stories of bareheaded Qiang, Xiong Da, Xiong ER and the father and daughter of the new characters Lotte and Lele in this movie bear haunts wild continent unfold slowly. In addition to the warm and lovely combination of Xiong Qiang, MV also focuses on the affectionate protection between father and daughter: Lotte, a gifted scientist, is always the warmest arm of his daughter for her daughter. And the sensible Lele comforted his father: Dad, Ive always been here. Echoing with the lyrics: I live in your heart, even if you cant see, dont be afraid, thinking about the heart is home. The moving essence of accompanying and guarding in the film arouses the true feelings of the audience.

The audience of all ages was deeply touched by the achievements of the show

For a long time, in addition to bringing laughter and laughter to the audience, bear haunts series of big films bring the audience a direct emotional resonance. This movie the wild continent also brings a delicate relationship between father and daughter: touching tacit understanding between father and daughter, each others company, fathers contribution to daughter During the screening, let the audience praise the story repeatedly and make it resonate. The film is deeply moving, and many pictures and plots are deeply in my mind. All of these come from the observation of life of the main creative team, the seriousness of creation, the fine grinding and ultimate pursuit of works.

At present, the wild land of bears has opened an early screening activity in some cities across the country, with nearly 40 million box office results and seven years best audience praise. My mother exclaimed: when the theme song sounded, I was in tears. Father praise: because life is higher than life, the father daughter relationship is very concise in place. Children surprise: I really want to see it again. I must recommend it to my good friends!

Source: editor in charge of Netease Entertainment: Yin Lili Peng nk3689