Tom Hanks will be nominated for the Oscar a good day in the neighborhood

 Tom Hanks will be nominated for the Oscar a good day in the neighborhood

In 1994, Tom Hanks won the first Oscar in his life for his movie Philadelphia Story. The next year, he again won the title of Forrest Gump and became the second actor who won the best actor Oscar in a row. This time, Tom Hanks was nominated as the best supporting actor for the Oscar with the new film a good day in the neighborhood, which made Tom Hanks become the focus of the media and the industry, and speculated whether the Hollywood legend actor would win his third gold medal.

In the film, Tom Hanks will play a legend - Fred Rogers. As a child TV host who has worked for more than 30 years, Mr. Rogerss neighbor, produced by him, began to broadcast in 1968, with 895 episodes and repeated, which is the childhood memories of generations in the United States. After the film was released in North America, Tom Hanks wonderful performance was greatly praised by the media: variety shows that Hanks is not only excellent, he is too infectious. Tom Hanks easily put on Mr. Rogerss comfortable sneakers - thats the main reason why this fascinating film can make cynics burst into tears, American weekly commented The superb acting skills and solid film stories make a better day in the neighborhood one of the necessary movies for the domestic media and fans.

A good day in the neighborhood is coming out

In addition to the Oscar nomination for best supporting actor, Tom Hanks was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 77th Golden Globe Awards recently, becoming one of the biggest highlights of this years Golden Globe Awards. In addition, he was nominated for the best supporting actor of the 26th sag award, which is regarded as the Oscar outpost, and the 73rd BFA award, which is also known as the UK Oscar.

The film a good day in the neighborhood is directed by Mariel Heller and starred by Tom Hanks, Matthew Reese, Susan callidge Watson and Chris Cooper. The mainland has confirmed the introduction.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)