The 11th China Film Golden broom award joint referendum officially opened

 The 11th China Film Golden broom award joint referendum officially opened

The 11th golden broom awards set up five awards, including the most disappointing film, the most disappointing director, the most disappointing screenwriter, the most disappointing actor, the most disappointing actress. The selection results are generated by two rounds of voting, and the first round results are generated from the online voting, and the voting date is January 14-24, 2020. In the second round of voting, the jury composed of professionals and critics will vote in real name from the nomination list to determine the ownership of each award. The voting results will be announced on the spot at the 11th golden broom award ceremony in late March 2020.

Looking at the final shortlist of the 11th golden broom award, popular films such as Zhu Xian I, Shanghai fortress, Whistler and next term: predecessor were among the top ones, and were shortlisted as the most disappointing film. In the name of Chinese hard science fiction, Shanghai fortress tells a vulgar love story. The two films nominated all five awards, which can be said to be the most popular of the 11th golden broom awards.

Teng Huatao, Cheng Xiaodong, Xue Xiaolu compete for the most disappointing director, Xiao zhanluhan, Meng Meiqi, Shu Qi, leading the actor award

The golden broom award was founded in 2009 by the filmmaker Cheng Qingsong and the youth film manual. It is the first award in the history of Chinese film for the most disappointing film of the year.

All the shortlisted films of the 11th golden broom awards are Chinese films that are publicly released or sold in mainland China in 2019 (January 1-december 31).

The 11th China Film Golden broom

Most disappointing film (10 out of 30)

Fortress of Shanghai


Next: predecessors

A more sad story than sadness

About winter

Detective Pu Songling

My boxer boyfriend

One kiss and love

Desire game

Transformation team


My youth is all you

Life with you 2019

Fire in heaven

Ice storm


Little wish

Silent witness

Late night canteen

Legend of pig eight commandments

The rat bile hero

Special police

Hypnosis - verdict

Strange talk at midnight

Qin Ming, the speaker of life and death

Keep silent

Most disappointing Director (10 out of 20)

Fortress of Shanghai by Teng Huatao

Zhu Xian I by Cheng Xiaodong

Chen Hongyis next term: predecessor

Whistler by Xue Xiaolu

Special police team by Ding Sheng

My boxer boyfriend by Du Qifeng

Yan Jias detective Pu Songling

Transformation gang by Wu Zhenyu

Chen Guos nine dragons invincible

Keep silent by Zhou Ke

Galaxy tutorial by Deng Chao / Yu Baimei

Little wish by Tian Yusheng

Hu Huan / shaodans the rat bile hero

Yuan Jinlins secret agent

About winter by Wang Weiming

Huaming back to the past and embrace you

Two tigers by Li Fei

Yu Feis ice storm

Most disappointing screenwriter (10 out of 20)

Fortress of Shanghai by Teng Huatao / Han Jinglong

Shen Jie / Zhu Xian I by song Chaoyun

Rao Xueman about winter

Whistler by Xue Xiaolu

Wang Jings Tang Bohu points autumn fragrance 2019

Chen Hongyis next term: predecessor

My boxer boyfriend by Wei Jiahui / Chen Weibin / Mai Tianshu / Chen Zhaoxi

Lu Anxian: a story more sad than sadness

Liu Bohan / Jian Wens detective Pu Songling

Evolution of best boyfriend by Cheng Zhongping / Wang Zhonggang

Desire game by Shu Huan / Cai Yue / Wang Tongzhen

Chen Guo / Lin Jitao: Nine Dragons invincible

Huaming back to the past and embrace you

Hu Huan, the rat bile hero

Late night canteen by Zhou Ying / Yingxin / Chen JunJing

Legend of pig Bajie by Zheng Jifeng

Yu Baimeis Galaxy tutorial

Chasing the Dragon 2 by Wang Jing / LV Guannan

Special police team by Xu Yang / Ding Sheng / Jia Zhijie

Yu Feis ice storm

Most disappointing actor (10 out of 20)

Xiao Zhans killing immortals I

Shanghai fortress by Lu Han

Zheng Kais next term: predecessor / evolution of best boyfriend

Xiang Zuos my boxer boyfriend

About winter by Huo Jianhua

Lei Jiayins Whistler

One kiss and love / little wish / secret agent

Tang Bohus autumn fragrance 2019 by Chen Haomin

Yueyunpengs the rat bile hero

Late night canteen by Liang Jiahui

Special police team by Jia Nailiang

Hypnosis u00b7 verdict by Zhang Han

Silent witness by Ren Xianqi

Hou Minghaos back to the past and embrace you

Alan, dance! Elephant

Desire game by Guo Tao

Liu Haorans twins

Meng Meiqis killing immortals I

Li Qins killing immortals I

Whistler by Tang Wei

Zhong Chuxis detective Pu Songling

A kiss and a love by Lin Yun

Guo Caijies next term: predecessor

Evolution of best boyfriend by Zhang Yuqi

Kunlings sky fire, gulinazas song for the country, Zhang Rongrongs agent of the plain, Chen Yihans story more sad than sorrow, Jiang Peiyaos apprentice 2: Spy action, Yang Zis silent witness, Xu Jiaos life has you 2019, Chen Turins twin, Huang cancans father of firewood, Liu Taos late night canteen, and Jin Chunhuas dance! About winter by Hou Peicen, elephant. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Yang Minggu nv5736

Kunlings fire in heaven

Song for the country by gulinaza

Zhang Rongrongs secret agent of plain people / tease love Xiong Renzhen

Apostle 2: espionage by Jiang Peiyao

Silent witness by Yang Zi

Life with you 2019 by Xu Jiao

Twins by Chen Turing

Huang cancans father of firewood

Jinchunhua dance! Elephant