In the daytime, if you scold the man for domestic violence, and in the evening, if you scold the woman for cheating, can you reverse it

 In the daytime, if you scold the man for domestic violence, and in the evening, if you scold the woman for cheating, can you reverse it

At this time, the audience knew that the song was originally sung by Hao Yun to Xuezi, his daughter-in-law.

When his daughter-in-law is written into a song, the public judges praise Hao Yun for his romance and affection. All his male compatriots should learn like Hao Yun.

However, six months later, this seemingly romantic love is the most shameful way.

Xuezi, the hero of the song, tore Hao Yun on Weibo and accused him of domestic violence.

Beginning: Xuezi accuses Hao Yun of domestic violence?

According to Xuezi, Hao Yun is the fifth time to commit domestic violence. This time, she cant bear it. She decides to call the police. After learning that his wife called the police, Hao Yun stepped on the accelerator twice to escape. Later, he abandoned his car to escape. He looked very embarrassed.

To this end, Hao Yunfas long response is another way of saying:

1. I cant afford the word domestic violence;

2. There was no beating. There was a driver to testify.

3. The reason why I quarreled with my wife was that she took the children alone for the weekend. He wants to see what kind of place children live in. His wife wont let him.

Upgrade: Hao Yun is not only domestic violence, but also cheating?

In the face of Hao Yuns explanation, Xuezi immediately made a reply, published a thousand words long article, and accused Hao Yun of many crimes.

1. Ive beaten myself and my ex-wife.

Xuezi said that Hao Yuns first wife had been raped by his family.

And vividly wrote how Hao Yun hit himself:

Pull her hair to the ground, slap her face, sit on her body and scold her, and break her cell phone into pieces.

I didnt choose to call the police for my children.

2. After marriage, he kept an improper relationship with many women. Fans, staff and members of the band were his prey.

Not only flirt with the little girl, but also the wife.

3. Ms. Hu, Hao Yuns current girlfriend, was a junior in their marriage.

According to Xuezi, Hao Yun once cheated on a woman named Hu in 2018 and was found by himself. After apologizing and writing a review, Hao Yun returned to his family.

However, Hao Yun did not break off the relationship with Ms. Hu, so Xuezi asked Hao Yun for a divorce, but Hao Yun did not agree with the divorce.

Until recently, when she went home to see her children, she found two people lying naked in bed.

In December 2019, a paparazzi photographed Hao Yun and the Hu lady shopping.

4. Hao Yun threatens himself, take your children and kill you..

He is afraid of Hao Yun, so he can only let his children live with him, but Hao Yun does not fulfill his fathers responsibility.

In the face of Xuezis heavy hammer attack, Hao Yun gave up his response and directly sent a lawyers letter to express his position.

Silence doesnt mean to admit it. Ive left it for you.

Eating melon here, many netizens feel that Xuezi has a reasonable basis for his accusation, and Hao Yun is probably guilty.

In peoples impression, Hao Yun is the one who holds the guitar to sing ordinary life. Songs such as alive, to Dali, mass sent messages I dont return can show Hao Yuns love for life.

It is a pity to associate him with the image of a domestic violence man.

Reverse: Hao Yun tells us that Xuezi cheated first, but he also raped himself?

Just when the netizens scolded Hao Yun as a scum man, today, the story reversed.

Liu Yang, Hao Yuns agent, defended his artists with pictures and texts on his microblog.

Xuezi is the one who has domestic violence.

She once hurt Hao Yuns ear, causing him to have tinnitus for more than seven months, which is supported by the hospitals medical records.

They even make an appointment on the wedding anniversary with special significance.

And put the wechat screenshot.

On the left is the fitness coach and on the right is Xuezi.

There are many kinds of tiger and wolf words in their conversation.

They also watched Hao Yuns I am a singer program together, and saw the green walk wave in the program. They thought that the Netizens found out that Hao Yun was wearing a green hat.

The fitness coach used the song snow son to scold Hao Yun and show her love.

Xuezi describes this feeling as

Sugar the wound

Not only was it exposed that he had cheated on the fitness coach, but also suspected that he wanted to find Yas son with friends to comfort his loneliness.

It is recalled that Hao Yun sang such a lyric in I am the singer

More than once, I have been hurt by betrayal.

After the song, Hao Yun did not bow to the audience and turned to step down.

Rehearsal, is singing tears.

At that time, the director asked him if there was any story behind his creation?

Hao Yun chose refuse to answer.

Only to say that there are some stories in life that later became accidents.

If Xuezis derailment is true, its during this period of time that Hao Yun finds out about his wifes derailment.

In fact, the development of Hao Yun and his wife to this stage is not without omen.

Hao Yun shouted to Xuezi,

If one day, you and I will go our separate ways;

I hope you will smile when I hear this song occasionally.

Even after their divorce, they thought about the distribution of property.

He moved the scene of their quarrel to the lyrics. Did it just coincide with the domestic violence farce these days?

She also looks more just, like a victim.

I was born with a bullying image.

No matter who makes the first mistake, if there is the fact of beating people, it is not right after all.

And so far, Xuezi hasnt responded to Haos Micro blog.

Maybe there will be a reversal in the story.

In a few short years of marriage, the two men have split and closed many times.

Up to now, there has been no divorce and a clean break. The reason is not clear in one sentence or two.

Hao Yun sang I really cant eat without love, but the firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea in marriage life are far less romantic than the lyrics.

Two people who once loved each other, now they have to stab each other.

This kind of marriage life, after all, is a chicken feather. Its messy to cut it constantly.

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