How to treat sudden deafness or pressure?

 How to treat sudden deafness or pressure?

At present, 90% of the sudden deafness causes are unknown, but through many years of clinical research, it is considered that it is mainly related to mental and psychological factors, inner ear vascular diseases (thrombosis, transient vasospasm, etc.) and virus infection. It is generally believed that mental pressure, mood fluctuation, sleep disorder and irregular life may be the main causes of sudden deafness. If patients with hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and other diseases lead to microvascular disease, the probability of sudden deafness will increase a lot.

According to the results of audiological examination, sudden deafness can be divided into two types: low-frequency descending type, most of the damaged parts are on the top of the cochlea, which is caused by hydrops in the labyrinth; high-frequency type, which is mainly caused by pathological changes in the bottom of the cochlea, which is caused by abnormal ion channels or damaged hair cells of patients; flat type sudden deafness and total deafness type, which are caused by tissue hypoxia, cochlear blood supply disorder or dysfunction of inner ear blood vessels.

Patients with sudden deafness are usually admitted to hospital with or without tinnitus, and the outpatient department needs to improve the examination to confirm the diagnosis, mainly including otology examination, audiology examination, such as pure tone audiometry, acoustic immittance audiometry, speech audiometry, etc.; imaging examination, mainly internal auditory canal or brain magnetic resonance; Laboratory examination, such as blood routine, biochemical items (blood sugar, blood lipid, etc.), coagulation function, etc u3002 If the possibility of virus infection is considered, the relevant pathogenic examination should be improved; if there is discomfort such as vertigo, vestibular and balance function examination should be carried out to further clarify the diagnosis.

Patients with sudden deafness can be relieved by the following treatment: 1. Glucocorticoids: the first choice is systemic medicine (oral or intravenous drip), local medicine (intratympanic injection or retroauricular injection) can be used as a remedy; 2. Hemorheology treatment: Ginaton (Ginkgo biloba extract), East lingdifu (batroxobin), etc.; 3. Nutritional neurodrug treatment: Mecobalamin, neurotrophic factor, anti 4. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy. In the treatment of patients, if the hearing is completely restored, the drug can be stopped. For those with poor effect, the treatment time can be extended according to the situation. For patients with hypertension and diabetes, blood pressure and blood glucose should be closely monitored and controlled during hormone therapy. At the same time, in the process of treatment, we should eliminate the adverse psychological factors, otherwise it may affect the efficacy.

Sudden deafness, as one of the common emergencies in otorhinolaryngology, should be treated as soon as possible in case of hearing loss, tinnitus, ear tightness and other symptoms, so as to avoid missed opportunities. If the patient is not treated for more than one month, the possibility of cure is significantly reduced; if the patient is not treated for a long time, the patient will be deaf for life. Therefore, we should pay attention to it.

In order to avoid sudden deafness, we should do the following: 1. Avoid and reduce the contact with strong noise and other physical factors, and avoid the stimulation of various noises on the auditory nerve. If the environment cannot be changed, ear plugs can be worn to reduce the noise; 2. Try to reduce the time of wearing headphones, and keep the low and medium volume state when using headphones; 3. Avoid staying up late, and develop good work and rest habits, and press When living; 4. Balanced diet and nutrition, avoid overeating; 5. Keep in a good mood, avoid depression, anxiety and irritation and other adverse emotional stimulation.

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