Is it a withholding fee when etc charges go up or down? Toll station: system instability

 Is it a withholding fee when etc charges go up or down? Toll station: system instability

Recently, many car owners have reported that the amount of toll paid by etc is abnormal, and the toll varies from high to low. In this regard, the staff of Beijing high speed toll station said to the Zhongxin Jingwei reporter on July 7 that after the implementation of the new travel regulations, the unstable operation of the system led to the abnormal toll collection. After the system was stable and the transaction records were uploaded, if the owner found that there was an abnormal deduction, he could contact the relevant personnel to deal with it.

It is reported that since January 1 this year, a series of new travel regulations have been officially implemented. 487 highway toll stations in 29 provinces with internet connection have been cancelled. At the same time, segment charging has been officially implemented, and the charging standards and charging methods have been adjusted for some models. What changes will affect your chargeback?

01etc charges vary from high to low. Whats the matter?

Etc charges have always been abnormal in recent days. From the wugezhuang toll station in Beijing to Donggao village toll station, after using the etc discount, we usually deduct about 28 yuan. Now we can see that sometimes its 9.5 yuan, sometimes 14.5 yuan, sometimes 33.75 yuan... Recently, Mr. Fu, the owner of Beijing, was confused about the problem of etc charges, and reported the above situation to Zhongxin Jingwei reporter.

The reporter of China New Zealand Jingwei noted that many netizens have reported similar situations recently. Some netizens said on social media that in recent days, on the same high-speed road, there are various charges on the display screen, sometimes up to 100 yuan, and sometimes even zero yuan.

In addition, what makes Mr. Fu more puzzled is: the bank can recover the fees with less deduction, and what about the fees with more deduction? Will it also be returned to the etc account?

In response, Zhongxin Jingwei reporter consulted the staff of Beijing high-speed toll station. The other side said that the amount of deduction seen by car owners at present was caused by the instability of the system.

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