Public response! Former CEO of Nissan: if I dont escape, I may die in Japan

 Public response! Former CEO of Nissan: if I dont escape, I may die in Japan

The escapes climaxed.

At 3 p.m. local time on January 8, Carlos Ghosn held a press conference at the press club in Beirut, his first public appearance after his successful escape. In front of the camera, Ghosns voice is excited and energetic. After nearly a years nightmare like life and Hollywood movie like escape, the fighting spirit of the former automobile Empire overlord is obviously not destroyed. There are no empty seats in the venue, but it is worth noting that only one or two Japanese media, such as Tokyo TV and so on, can enter the venue. Ghosns explanation on this is intriguing: I have no opinion on Japanese media, and many media are excluded But we have invited media from all over the world. They will respect the facts. Previously, he had said that his encounter was a coup initiated by Japan in order to prevent him from promoting the merger of Renault Nissan Mitsubishi, an auto alliance, and said that he would disclose the involvement of senior Japanese government figures who framed him. But at the conference, Ghosn said: I promised you the name of the Japanese cabinet, I will do it, I will give you what I can do. But I love Lebanon, I respect Lebanon and dont want to do anything that will hurt the people here, so I wont say a word at todays press conference. So what exactly did Ghosn say? He first targeted the Japanese judiciary and prosecutors, the Japanese judiciary makes the presumption of guilt, the French judiciary makes the presumption of innocence; in more than one hours personal monologue, Ghosn mainly accused the prosecution of his abuse and slander; for the Japanese high-level, He taboo Mo rushen: I personally dont think the Japanese government high-level participation in my conspiracy, I want to avoid Japan And Lebanon. In addition, Ghosn mentions rival Toyota - Toyotas leaders are very interesting, who will ultimately benefit from all this? At present, Interpol has issued a red wanted order for Ghosn. However, due to the extradition treaty between Japan and Lebanon and the countless ties between the Lebanese officials and Ghosn, the possibility of extradition is still small. Afterwards, the Japanese side scoffed at the many complaints of Ghosn at the press conference. In a statement, prosecutors in Tokyo denied many of Mr. Ghosns allegations at the press conference, saying that the investigation was conducted in accordance with Japanese law and that they had reasonable grounds to restrict his communication with his wife. Prosecutors pointed out that Mr. Ghosns statement at the conference failed to justify his actions and that his arrest and detention could only be attributed to him. Who is lying?


I may die in Japan Ghosns arrest is similar to the previous Memoirs of Alstom executives. I was told that people all over the world knew that I was arrested on the plane, but actually I was arrested at the airport. Ghosn spoke passionately at the conference. According to international law, international flights still belong to the territory of the country, but when they arrive at the airport, they belong to the territory of Japan. Ghosn was told there was a problem with his passport when he passed customs and was taken to a small room where he saw the Japanese prosecutor. He was informed that he was arrested. Then Ghosn began what he called nightmares.. When I see the prosecutors face, it starts, when I see my wifes face, it ends. When the Japanese prosecutor arrested me, he said it was because of the false income. At that time, I was shocked. The Japanese police told me that it was because of the false income you havent received. I was confused by this reason. During his 130 days in prison, Ghosn described his daily life: only 30 minutes of activity outside the cell every day, only two baths a week; the use of drugs was limited; the daily interrogation lasted as long as eight hours; finally, there were few officials who could speak English and French, and Ghosns communication in prison was completely limited. In addition, after being released on bail, his close surveillance was not relaxed. During his bail, Ghosn was unable to reach anyone or speak to the public. According to his monologue, Ghosn and his lawyer asked the judge on duty seven times, and French Prime Minister Marcon also asked Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe whether he could meet his wife, but they were all rejected.

Japanese officials search Ghosns house

For more than 400 days, I was completely disconnected from my family, friends and social circle, and I was free for the first time since November 18. A year ago, I was held in Japan alone for a long time. After being released on bail, Ghosn was banned from leaving the residential area and from being interviewed. When a reporter asked why he could not be interviewed, the prosecutor said that there were many charges to be prosecuted and that he could not make any comments at present.

We asked him seven times to lift the ban and let me see my wife, my mother, my children, my friends, all ignored. They want to stop my daily life and break me down. This effort of the Japanese prosecution really achieved the effect of collapsing Ghosn. The fact that I couldnt see my wife made me kneel. Since his arrest for more than a year, Ghosn has not been given the chance to go to court, and the infinite delay in not trying has also brought him to the brink of collapse. They dont think of me as an adult. They think of me as an animal or an object. I can only meet my wife when I have surveillance. Their prosecutor is the boss. Their prosecutor can do whatever he wants. They have been procrastinating. I think quick trial is a human right for everyone, but I dont enjoy it at all. If I continue to stay in Japan, I may die in Japan. I feel like a hostage. According to Japanese regulations, neither prosecutors nor suspects are allowed to divulge information to the media, but Japanese media can continue to get information from prosecutors, Ghosn also revealed. I was told that the Japanese media could continue to write about me based on information received from prosecutors. According to him, he was described by the Japanese media as a cold-blooded and greedy dictator. They say I am a dictator. Did you find out that I am a dictator in 2018? For 17 years, many media came to interview me and write business books. No one found out that I was a dictator. Indeed, Ghosn once served as a business model in Japan and received the emperors medal. In response to the Japanese prosecutions delay in litigation, Ghosn launched an anti litigation. According to him, the Japanese prosecution did not produce any substantive evidence to prosecute him for 14 months, but tried to torture him by using his family. The Japanese judge told me that he was too busy to accept two cases at the same time, and that he could not hear them for me until 2022. I cant imagine the suffering caused by a small group of unscrupulous and vengeful people.


Journalist questions and answers

After the confession, Ghosn began the stage of free communication with the media as he wanted.

There are no empty seats on site

All the documents I have shown here today are open. During my detention in Japan, I was unable to communicate with the media, nor to hand them over to you, nor to explain them, but now I can. My team of lawyers will provide the media with all the documents I presented today. Q: do you think the Japanese governments top officials are involved in the plot against you? Do you want to be tried in Lebanon? A: Personally, I dont think the senior Japanese government is involved in my plot. I want to avoid friction between Japan and Lebanon. The trial success rate of foreign personnel in Japan is over 99%. They still dont let me meet my wife. They also accuse me of tampering with the evidence and torturing me with my family. If I have the chance, I will express my ideas in a fair court stage. Q: What is your current plan? Its hard for you to find a good judicial platform to prove yourself. In the future, will you become a fugitive? Do you think its worth it? A: I want to work miracles. When I came to Japan in 1999, many people said that you are French and cant succeed. I am proud to be in Lebanon, surrounded by friends and the media. I will not stop here. I will continue to fight. I can clear my grievances. You can expect what I will do next, what evidence I may put on the table, and I will put all the evidence together, not to prove that I am not a greedy dictator, but to show my contribution to Nissan. Q: Have you ever suggested Nissan merge with other companies? A: I havent suggested it. Renault and Nissan have different headquarters and management committees. What I want to do is to eliminate the idea that France wants to merge with Japan, and to eliminate the idea that Japan wants to be completely independent. But nothing has happened now. Its a complete setback. Q: There are different opinions about your escape plan. When did you realize or plan to escape? A: When I realized I couldnt get a fair trial. The judge is going to delay the trial until 2020, when I was wondering if there is any hope. The result is pushed to 2021. Its not right that prosecutors keep putting off. Q: Is there a French subpoena? A: I hope there is, I hope to receive a fair trial, not forged evidence. I was acquitted in France, and to be convicted I had to have evidence and a public trial, which I didnt get in Japan. Q: Do you feel like you have been abandoned by the French government? A: I feel that I have been abandoned by France. Instead of resigning from Renault, I asked for early retirement, but they fired me while I was in custody. Throughout the process, yes, France didnt help me, and I felt like I had been given up.

Markron talked about Ghosn when he met with Shinzo Abe

When receiving questions from reporters from all over the world in English, Arabic, French and even Portuguese, Ghosn always answered well. Only when Tokyo TV reporters began to ask questions in Japanese, Ghosn interrupted him: I cant understand Japanese. His questions and answers with Japanese media are as follows: Q: why Lebanon as a place of escape? A: For I am of Lebanese descent, and I am of Brazilian descent, and Lebanon is the nearest in its path. Q: At this press conference, you will also block a lot of Japanese media. Why do you want to do this and lose your temper on them? A: Ill come out and say hello to them. But I want more global media to come in, they have more just coverage of events. Im not running away from the Japanese media. Q: You are a respected CEO in Japan, but now you have fled to Lebanon in violation of Japanese laws. Can you share your thoughts with the Japanese people? A: I think I am a respected entrepreneur in Japan, and no one doubts my contribution to Nissan. But I dont think the legal system in Japan is perfect. I dont regret that I have been in Japan. I am still respected in Japan. I regret some actions I have done in Nissan. I cant understand why I am wronged in Japan. Prosecutors violated the law at least ten times in my trial, but no one questioned them. They divulged my information. Why did prosecutors violate the law and no one cared?


Abandoned by France in fiscal year 2017, Nissan under the rule of Ghosn delivered a satisfactory report card. In that year, the global sales volume was 5.77 million, an increase of 2.6% year on year, the net income was 74.6 billion yen, an increase of 12.6% year on year, and the net profit increased to 574.8 billion yen, an increase of 4.8% year on year. Ghosn retired as chairman and CEO of Nissan, but continued to be chairman and CEO of Renault and Mitsubishi. After taking office, the new CEO of Nissan, Hiroshi nishigawa, began to sing against Ghosn. In the middle of September 2017, Ghosn announced the 2022 plan of Renault Nissan Mitsubishi alliance and proposed to launch 12 new pure electric vehicles by 2022, which was vetoed by Xichuan Guangren. In November 2017, Nissan was questioned because of its declining profits in the North American market. The people of xichuanguang unexpectedly pointed the spear at Ghosn completely. He said that in order to cope with the fierce competition in the United States, Nissan, led by Ghosn, has been reducing its selling price, striving for market share and constantly setting ambitious growth goals for the company, but has not given priority to the issue of profit.

Xichuan Guangren was promoted by ghorn

It is not hard to see that Nissan has started to eliminate the influence of Ghosn in the enterprise. On the other hand, French President Mark long, who took office in 2017, was one of the main promoters of the alliance merger when he was the finance minister of France. At this time, Ghosn was expected to be the supreme emperor of the alliance. In March 2018, Ghosn revealed in an interview that in order to ensure the stable development of the alliance after retirement, he must maximize the integration function advantage of the alliance, so the possibility of Renault and Nissans merger cannot be ruled out; in May of that year, Ghosn also said that the decision to establish a new cooperative alliance will be made within 2019, one of which is to merge the three to make the Alliance The relationship among the three is transformed into an irreversible cooperative relationship. However, at the Nissan conference in 2018, Hirohito nishigawa publicly responded to Ghosns statement that as Japans second largest car company, Nissans independence should not be ignored. As for the proposal of the merger of the two enterprises, it is not only worthless, but also side effect. Mr Ghosn was angered, and then publicly denounced people in Xichuan for damaging Nissans credibility in the alliance. During this period, there were media reports that Ghosn was planning a broader restructuring of Nissans management, including the decision to replace Xichuan Guangren. According to the agreement, Ghosn was supposed to be chairman of Renault until the end of 2018, but in the process of promoting the alliance merger, there are also rumors that, as a kind of transaction, Ghosn will continue to be re elected to the landing of the alliance merger. For a while, Ghosn became Nissans heartache. Earlier insiders said that it took several months for Nissan to sort out materials to expose the economic crime of Ghosn just because it was known that Ghosn intended to promote the merger of Renault and Nissan, which coincided with the statement of Ghosn at the conference. But since Mr Ghosns arrest in November 2018, Frances push for union consolidation has not stopped, and it is looking for another agent. Renault issued a statement saying that it had received the resignation application from Ghosn, and finally confirmed Dominic shengnad as Renaults new chairman on January 24, 2019. Ghosn is now an outcast. I feel like Ive been given up by France, he said at the conference. Instead of resigning from Renault, I asked for early retirement, but they fired me while I was in custody.

Ghosn had been placed high hopes by markron

More than a month after Ghosns arrest, markron mentioned the incident in a telephone conversation with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and expressed his concern about Ghosns situation in prison, which was one of the few statements made by markron. In late March last year, Renault re proposed the merger plan and hired senior Japanese banker from Sumitomo Mitsui bank to send the merger proposal, but was rejected by Xichuan Guangren, then CEO of Nissan. At the end of April, Renault proposed to establish a new joint venture holding company headquartered in a third country other than Japan and France, on the basis of which both sides appointed the same number of directors The French governments shareholding in Renault will be reduced to 7% - 8% from the current 15%, but the Renaults shareholding in Nissan will increase correspondingly. Just a day later, Nissan, which doesnt eat hard or soft, rejected the seemingly fairer proposal. On May 13, 2019, after two temptations, Renault reiterated the proposal of merger under the framework of a holding company, and threatened Xichuan Guangren to stop him from being elected CEO of Nissan if he did not agree to the plan of merger and reorganization. In September, Xichuan Guangren resigned because of the unfair income scandal. In October 2019, Uchida was appointed as CEO of Nissan, Gupta as COO of Nissan, Guan run as deputy COO of Nissan and reported to Gupta, but Guan run announced his resignation in December; on the other hand, Renault dissuaded tieri bolore, CEO of Renault, who was led by ghorn. After the personnel earthquake, a compromise was reached on December 2: the three sides of the alliance agreed to form a new joint venture focusing on technology research and development to cope with the competition on the electric vehicle track.


Perfect escape

In the brief calm of the conference, an unidentified reporter shouted: can you recommend a packing box as a travel tool? Ghosn did not answer the question. This is the most representative of many escape methods. According to the analysis of former French agent Christopher notting, to launch such an operation, there must be money, time and ideas. He said that the fugitive was well planned and I think he received external assistance. Notting further pointed out that during his tenure as CEO of Renault, Ghosn had a very special organization, the DPG group protection center, all members of which were from different national intelligence agencies, and they were fully capable of organizing such operations. In January 2011, three senior officials of the group were dismissed for industrial espionage, and later proved innocent. But the scandal finally led to the resignation of Renault II, and only Ghosn passed the test safely. u2014u2014It also means that Ghosn knows how to escape. From the clues disclosed by the major media, the escape process of Ghosn is gradually clear. According to the Wall Street Journal, Ghosns rescue plan has been planned for a long time. The rescue team consists of 10 to 15 members of different nationalities. The cost of the whole plan is about millions of dollars. They have visited Japan more than 20 times and at least 10 Japanese airports.

Use the box to avoid security check

Three months ago, a special agent chose Kansai Airport in Osaka as a breakthrough - unless there is a flight in, under normal circumstances, the private aircraft terminal of the airport is largely unattended, and the security check machine cant load super large luggage, which has become a key link in the whole escape plan. On the morning of December 29, 2019, the team took two specially made boxes to the hotel near Kansai Airport. The two boxes were too large to pass through the security inspection machine. One of them placed the sound equipment, and the other drilled an exhaust hole at the bottom for Ghosn to hide and breathe.

At 2:30 p.m. that day, the security camera at Ghosns residence recorded the scene of his leaving home, which became the last image he left in Tokyo. This time point is also very ingenious. Ghosns lawyers have repeatedly warned the security company hired by Nissan to stop monitoring Ghosn on the grounds of human rights violations, forcing the security company to officially end the monitoring on the same day. Thats why Ghosns lawyers later became angry: we were betrayed. According to NTV, Ghosn showed up at Pinchuan station at about 4:30 p.m. after leaving his residence on foot and took the Shinkansen with the rescuers to Osaka; at 7:30 p.m. on the same day, Ghosn transferred to a taxi to the hotel and boarded the plane at 11:10 p.m. in a box.

Ghosn left by plane

According to relevant staff of guanxi airport, there were several large boxes with a height of more than 1 m that night, which were too large to enter the X-ray security detector, so they were directly transported to the private plane without unpacking inspection. It took only 13 hours for the rescue team to enter Japan with the suitcase and for Ghosn to leave by private plane.


Mysterious woman

Nothing can stop me from meeting my wife, who is the pillar of my life. Ghosn said at the conference.

Ghosns wife is believed to play an important role in the escape

During the lengthy press conference, Ghosn kept playing the warm card, and his wife became one of his confessions and many times mentioned in his answers to reporters questions. From the arrest to the escape of Ghosn, his wife also became the focus of public opinion. The woman who worried him was Carole Nahas, born in Beirut in 1966, who lived in New York for a long time and had American nationality. She is the second wife of Ghosn. In October 2016, the two held a grand wedding ceremony at the Versailles Palace in Paris, and the arrest of Ghosn also triggered an investigation into the financing of the wedding at that time. Carol has a good education, a diploma in political science, and is also a strong businesswoman. In 2009, she founded calm, a luxury brand of kavdan, a long sleeved waist tunic in the Middle East, and has been involved in cultural and philanthropic projects, such as the seal Association of American Lebanese expatriates. At the beginning of March 2019, when Ghosn was released on bail for the first time, Carol accompanied her husband; on April 4, Ghosn was arrested again and released on bail for the second time in late April 2019. Under bail conditions, Ghosn was not allowed to meet his wife or contact her in other ways.


Power behind

What is Lebanons role in the Ghosn incident in terms of the choice of the destination? According to Ghosn at the conference, its because of the principle of proximity. But it is worth noting that Ghosn himself has a strong government background in Lebanon. As early as 2017, Lebanon issued stamps with the head image of Ghosn, and current cabinet members and business people attended the celebration. Local reporters said, for Ghosn, known as the king of business, politicians who want to meet are always in line.. There are even predictions that Ghosn will enter Lebanese politics in the future. In addition, Ghosn has invested in a number of businesses in Lebanon, including wineries created jointly with powerful family businesses and businesses in which senior government officials are major shareholders. Earlier, there were media reports that Ghosn met with the president immediately after his arrival in Lebanon, which was strongly denied by Lebanese officials. There is no role to play as a government, said Elias bou Saab, the countrys defence minister, but the guardian pointed out that there were Lebanese government stakeholders who facilitated Mr Ghosns entry. Ghosn originally had French, Lebanese and Brazilian passports, among which, for some special reasons, the French government issued another passport for him. According to the previous bail conditions, all four passports should be kept by his lawyers group. However, due to relevant Japanese laws, as a foreigner detained in Japan, Ghosn is obliged to carry his passport, so he can have the last French passport. Hironaka dunichiro, a Japanese lawyer and one of the members of the lawyers group, revealed that the French passport of Ghosn was packed in a transparent plastic box with a lock, which was carried by himself, and the key was kept by the lawyers group, but the box was not firm, and could be opened with a hammer or other tools. An official from the Lebanese Foreign Ministry confirmed that it was through the French passport that Ghosn entered the country.

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