The number of volunteers in 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing exceeded 630000 in one month

 The number of volunteers in 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing exceeded 630000 in one month

The volunteers of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games attract the attention of the whole world. Among these volunteer applicants, some volunteers from all over the world express their urgent desire to participate in the volunteer service of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. For example, the outstanding youth from Taiwan, China, who sign up early, are very proud of the strength and beauty of their motherland; there are overseas people who live in the United States but have unique feelings for China Chinese people expressed their expectation of participating in the Winter Olympic Games; there are young students from Romania who want to be international ambassadors of the spirit of the Winter Olympic Games. They are all looking forward to participating in the 2022 Winter Olympic Games volunteer service and realizing their winter Olympic dream with practical actions.

Chen Wencheng, an outstanding youth in Taiwan: experiencing the strength and beauty of the motherland

When the information of successful registration is displayed on the website, Chen Wencheng cant help cheering in front of the computer, Im looking forward to 2022! On December 5, Chen Wencheng successfully applied in the volunteer recruitment system of 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games in Beijing, and is expected to become a volunteer of Beijing Winter Olympics.

Chen Wencheng, a native of Changhua County, Taiwan, came to Beijing Sport University in 2011 to study sports humanities and sociology, and obtained a doctors degree in 2018. He is a proper academic bully. Volunteering has always been my insistence. This insistence has improved myself and made me feel more truly the joy of giving people roses and fragrant hands.. During his undergraduate study in Taiwan, Chen Wencheng insisted on voluntary service and actively participated in various voluntary activities. He won the Moral Education Award, intellectual education award and service dedication award when he graduated.

The satisfaction of dedication accompanied his growth, and this beauty also accompanied his coming to Beijing. Chen Wencheng participated in more cross-strait activities, actively promoted cross-strait youth exchanges, successively participated in Beijing Taiwan youth curling activities, 2018 Taiwan youth ice and snow cultural experience activities, 2018 Beijing Taiwan Youth Science Exchange camp activities, etc. He loves to keep fit, and he has obtained the coach certificates of several sports in Taiwan, and obtained the three-level professional qualification certificate of sports broker. As a professional, Chen Wencheng has a unique understanding of the Olympic Games: the Olympic spirit is the common expectation and pursuit of all mankind for sports, and it is also the precious spirit of tens of millions of sports people with sweat and blood. For us sportsmen, the Olympic Games have a strong charm and attraction, just like the spiritual belief

We have a special feeling for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Chen recalled. When the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games was held, Chen Wencheng was going to university. Seeing the enthusiasm of the whole country for the Olympic Games and the rapid development of the motherland, he made an appointment with many students around him. He must come to Beijing to watch the Olympic Games. After learning the success of Beijings bid for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games, Chen Wencheng did not hesitate to show his family and friends that he would like to participate. Now, the successful application of volunteers for the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games in Beijing is the integration of Chen Wenchengs two most important things in his life - voluntary dedication and Olympic spirit, which makes him excited for a long time.

In recent years, the development of the motherland has shocked Chen Wencheng, who said that the Olympic Games are the common dream of all Chinese people! I hope more and more Taiwanese youth will participate in the volunteer service for the Winter Olympics and feel the power of the motherland in such a large-scale international event. In the next step, Chen wants to mobilize more Taiwanese youth to participate in the Winter Olympic Volunteer Registration and contribute to the 2022 Winter Olympic Games and the winter Paralympic Games in Beijing. Chen hopes that this spirit of voluntary service will become a link between the youth on both sides of the Straits, so that they can gather at the Winter Olympic Games, share international grand events and witness the strength and beauty of the motherland.

Duan Li, overseas Chinese: what happened to my country and me

This is an opportunity for the whole world to focus on China. As a Chinese, I can participate in the Winter Olympics, which is the most glorious experience in my life. It will benefit me all my life and make my relationship with my motherland closer. Duan Li, as a successful volunteer of overseas Chinese, is very excited and proud to provide volunteer services at the Winter Olympic Games in China.

Duan Li, who grew up and lived in the United States, is very familiar with European and American culture. Her life experience overseas makes her very familiar with cultural communication, which also provides a broader vision and support for the Winter Olympic volunteer service. She has a heart that loves China and Beijing. In June 2013, duer learned that Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the United States and volunteered to sign up with his mother to try to participate in the action to protect the national flag. In the hot sun, she is the smallest flag bearer, leaving a deep impression on everyone, praised by everyone, praised her patriotism.

Duan Li has always been enthusiastic about the Olympic Games. In 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Duan Li and his family took part in many Olympic related activities in Beijing. When she learned that China was going to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, Duan Li secretly made up his mind to return to China to participate in the Winter Olympic volunteer service. Being able to return to China for volunteer service for the Winter Olympics, especially for skating related events, has made me more closely connected with China..

In the United States, Duanli actively participates in volunteer activities in the Chinese community, and is also trying to tell foreign friends about the excellent Chinese culture and the development and change of China in recent years. She has participated in the 2013 flag protection campaign, which was welcomed by President Xi Jinping and President Obama at the annanne estate. In 2014, he was a volunteer of the Federation of Chinese societies and the Beijing Federation of America. She said that with the rapid development of Chinas economy and the improvement of peoples living standards, more overseas Chinese feel the strong power of the motherland. She is particularly proud of the changes in Beijing in recent years. The modern urban construction and inclusive urban atmosphere make her feel the charm of an international metropolis. The large-scale celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the peoples Republic of China has aroused her deep attachment and love for her motherland.

In recent years, Duan Li has been paying close attention to the recruitment of volunteers for the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Beijing. She can skillfully use Chinese, English, French and other multi-national languages, and live abroad for a long time, so that she can better serve athletes from all countries. On December 5, 2019, the global recruitment of competition volunteers was launched. Duan Li filled in his personal information at the first time, and was honored to be an overseas Chinese who successfully registered. Her parents in the United States were proud of her being a volunteer in the motherland and asked her to do a good job.

Oanceacristian-mihail, a foreign student: an international ambassador to spread the spirit of the Winter Olympics

Oanceacristian-mihail, 21, is an undergraduate majoring in international economy and trade from the Business School of Beijing Language and Culture University in Romania. Liu Yanglong is his Chinese name. Friendly, honest, interesting and fastidious, this is the first impression he gave to people around him when he came to China. Although he didnt come to China for a long time, only for more than two years, it was the second year for him to join the volunteer service organization. The Romanian boy was very lucky to sign up successfully and is expected to become a volunteer of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and a milestone in his life.

In 2017, Liu Yanglong came to study in China. At the moment when he entered this land with a long history, he fell in love with this inclusive, great and beautiful country. He said that when he came to China, he often received the guidance of his teachers, the help of his classmates and the care of his friends. He felt the warmth he had never felt before. Therefore, Liu Yanglong found the school and said he wanted to return the help of others and offer his love. Through the schools recommendation, Liu Yanglong became a glorious volunteer.

Liu said that volunteer service has a good atmosphere and positive significance. Everyone is volunteering to help others. In this big family, although he undertakes simple work, he feels that his value is realized little by little. He has volunteered in many large-scale activities, such as the mass March for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the peoples Republic of China, the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the reunification of Romania, and the large reception of the Romanian Embassy in China. He has made active contributions and demonstrated his volunteer demeanor. He was elected as the representative of the Romanian overseas students group in China, and won many honors, becoming the Beijing Language University Net red international friends.

I like sports very much. The wonderful events in the Olympic Games make me feast my eyes. I wont miss any Olympic Games on TV. Ha ha! Liu Yanglong danced like a big boy. He has always dreamed of visiting the Olympic Games to watch the Games in person, and more hope to embody his value in the Olympic Games. This dream is rooted in his heart from a small root, and has been accompanied by him across the sea to China.

When learning that Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games volunteers launched global recruitment on December 5, Liu Yanglong was excited to toss and turn, my dream is near at hand, and I must participate in the Olympic volunteer service in my lifetime.. After the successful application, he was excited, excited and full of expectation. He immediately shared the news with his relatives in Romania and partners of the volunteer organization of Romanian international student union. They were proud of him and felt honored that Romanians could contribute to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Liu said that he would continue to carry forward the voluntary spirit of dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress, continue to spread his love, and hope to make a modest effort to deepen the friendship between China and Romania, so that the world can feel the charm of Chinese civilization, feel the enthusiasm of the Chinese people, and let more peoples dreams come true at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.