19-year-old girl was locked up for more than 10 years because of a high fever 17 years ago

 19-year-old girl was locked up for more than 10 years because of a high fever 17 years ago

On January 6, the reporter followed Mr. Jin, a citizen, to the place where he had a cute life

All year round, the house is closed, eating and drinking are all in a lovely place, which is located in the Longtou village of Sanjiang in Yongjia. After driving through a rugged mountain road, you can walk for about 5 minutes. The house is a common low bungalow in the mountain village. The open space in front of the house is full of all kinds of vegetables.

The place where people live and play is a closed area separated by a wall and a simple iron gate. The light inside is dim.

It has a cute and beautiful face, big eyes and long hair which is neatly combed and stuck in the back of the head. Lin told reporters that the cute eating and drinking of Lhasa were all carried out in this room, and they didnt go out at all. Three meals a day, clothes and other items were delivered to her from the hole in the wall.

Grandma Lin opened the lock on the iron bar door and visited Mengmengs room. The reporter saw that the enclosed area of only 20-30 square meters was divided into two rooms: one was an old toilet with a small area for Mengmeng to wash and wipe the body; the other was a shabby wooden board with quilts and sundries stacked on it, which was the bed of Mengmeng.

There is no decent furniture and home appliances in the two rooms, but it has become a cute world.

Lin is 72 years old, and she is barely able to maintain her own and cute life depending on the income from subsistence insurance and farming. After hearing about Mengmengs affairs, neighbors nearby always send her clothes and food from time to time to help her.

I have never been to school. I can use Mandarin for simple response

The reporter noticed that there are many toys - all kinds of old drink bottles, mineral water bottles, old bear dolls and so on. Lin said that Mengmeng usually likes to walk around the room. When she is tired, she sits on the bed to play with toys or cut paper. The paper packaging of the winter melon tea beverage was sprouted and cut into a uniform rectangle, which was placed neatly in a box.

How old are you this year? 19 years old! Who is she to you? Its my grandma. After direct communication with Mengmeng, the reporter found that she can speak some simple Mandarin and Wenzhou dialect, and can have daily conversations. When she doesnt know how to answer the reporters questions, she will use a no to blur the response.

It turns out that grandma Lin has a primary school diploma. When she has nothing to do, she will teach Mengmeng how to read numbers. Mengmeng, who has never studied before, can write numbers of 1-100 and recognize a few Chinese characters such as Donggua tea.

Her learning ability is OK. Sometimes the wastepaper collector comes to my home and talks to me for a few words. She will imitate herself. Wenzhou dialect and Putonghua are all slowly learned. Lin told reporters that Mengmeng can take care of her own bowels and bowels now. She knows how to brush her teeth, wash her face and comb her hair. She has a good appetite and seldom gets sick with a cold.

According to Jin Boqi, Lin Pos landlord, Mengmeng has certain intelligence and good learning ability. I come back occasionally to see her. When she hears someone call me my name, she will remember it by herself. Next time I ask him again, she will know how to call me, and she even imitates the tone very much. What the neighbors usually say will also be imitated by her. Its rare for a person who doesnt touch the outside world all the year round to have such a good memory and learning ability.

When I was 2 years old, I had a high fever for nearly a month, which burned my head. Why would a girl who was supposed to be innocent and lively be confined in the room? Grandma Lin told reporters about the fever when Mengmeng was a child.

Mengmeng is from Shatou, Yongjia. When she was 2 years old, she had a high fever for one month in a row. Her parents failed to send her to a doctor in time for various reasons. When she was dying, Mengmeng was sent to grandma Lin who worked in Yueqing.

Later, she was very difficult to save, but found that she was a little different from other children: sometimes she was very grumpy and would throw things around, so she couldnt take care of her own urine. After seeing the doctor, I know its burning my head.

Lin Abba recalled that Mengmengs mother later left the family for the reason of going out to work, and there was no news from then on, and she never came to see Mengmeng again; her father, a Biao (pseudonym), worked in Wenzhou City all year round, and after many years, she reorganized the family and had a son, so Mengmeng had to live with Lin Abba all the time.

Grandma Lin remembers that when Mengmeng grows to about 5 years old, she often grabs her face for no reason, or even smashes people with stones. However, grandma Lin can only lock Mengmeng in her room and keep her from going out.

About nine years ago, due to the collapse of the old house, grandma Lin was introduced to live in Longtou village. Mengmeng came with her and continued to live in the house.

Fathers income is not high and has hepatitis, how to go on in the future?

Worried that she cant take care of Meng Mengs grandma Lin once discussed with her son a Biao about her granddaughters future, a Biao replied that she would send Meng to live in the corresponding welfare institutions after saving in a few years.

A Biao usually comes back every two or three months to see Meng Meng and bring some food. A few years ago, he took Mengmeng to a mental hospital and asked about the treatment fee of more than 100000 yuan. A Biaos working income is not high, he has hepatitis, its hard to have savings, and he doesnt know what to do in the future. Grandma Lins words are full of worries.

Aunt ye said: treat as early as possible. After sprouting, you may be able to take care of yourself and live a normal life. You dont need to be locked at home all day. In the long run, it may be possible to marry someone and have a family of your own in the future.

At the end of the interview, when the reporter was about to leave Mengmengs room, she couldnt wait to rush out and come to the farmland in front of the room to breathe fresh air and feel the warm sunshine.

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