Xiao Zhan: Thank you for your tender eyes

 Xiao Zhan: Thank you for your tender eyes

Back home, I saw Xiao Zhan in a blue striped suit with a White V-Neck shirt. Well, all the fatigue is gone.

This is my favorite color and clothing. Xiao Zhan is like a mobile coat hanger. He is handsome in every way.


The platform for holding this grand ceremony is the place where I feel more heartache. VIP was cancelled before, and then the original was cancelled.

Well, always stick to the business. Recently, things have improved a little. As a result, who wrote Tucao assembly was bad.

However, there may be some misnomer. As a result, I was banned for three days, and I fainted. Also want, anyway said not to regret.

Always write emotion, even write entertainment is also with emotion. Now, writing about Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo is a bit off track.

It doesnt matter. Work is too tired, life is too boring, life is too lonely. We still need to find things for people we like and have fun in time.

Thank you for meeting Chen Qingling and Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo this summer. Although Wang Yibo has written less, he has been paying attention to it.


Xiao Zhan didnt forget to send his blessing to xiaofeixia, probably saying that he hopes to be healthy and smooth in the new year. Thank you. Best wishes.

And the battle situation of the most concerned male star on this platform is very fierce. Xiao Zhan laughs best and last - Congratulations!

This is nothing. Xiao Zhan will continue to work hard. Become a better and better self, so self-discipline Xiao Zhan said to do!


On the podium, Xiao Zhan said: I hope to learn from your predecessors in 2020 and beyond, so that we can walk steadily on the ground and bring you more and better works. Of course, we are very looking forward to the next broadcast of Your Highness wolf, Douluo continent and more advice for the rest of your life. Who says that Xiao Zhan is just a flash in the pan? I believe that Xiao Zhan will create unique value.

Todays share of Xiaozhan, you are the right one. (Wen / Piaoyu Tong) thank you for your tender and tired eyes