Mens express delivery worth more than 5000 yuan has been dropped. Post office: 200 yuan for you

 Mens express delivery worth more than 5000 yuan has been dropped. Post office: 200 yuan for you

Be dumbfounded! The sealed express delivery is all valuable but the weight of the package has not changed. Post: compensate 200 (source: ~)

Mr. Xue in Hohhot met with a strange thing. Last month, his sister sent him a package from other places. When he received the goods, the package was well packed, but the contents changed a lot. Whats the matter?

Last month, Mr. Xues sister sent two packages of childrens clothes to Mr. Xue from Changshu, Jiangsu Province, which is thousands of miles away. After the package was unpacked, the number of packages inside increased, but both Mr. Xue and Ms. Tian, his sister, were silly.

Mr. Xue said that the worthless things in the package had been received, but the valuable things had been transferred.

Ms. Tian said that when she sent the package, she bought a large red and yellow canvas bag from the Jinshajiang branch of Jiangsu Changshu post express, which contained a relatively valuable brand down jacket and a brand suit, worth about 5000 yuan. Besides the canvas bag, there was a plastic bag containing some sweaters and pants worn by children. The two parcels were sent together in a large postal woven bag. Unexpectedly, when his brother Mr. Xue received the goods, all the sweaters and trousers in plastic bags were there, but the whole bag of canvas bags with relatively valuable value disappeared, instead of five bags of daily necessities and womens clothing. Whats more, the seal of the postal woven bag was intact when Mr. Xue received the goods.

Its obvious that the whole package was mixed up and sent wrong. But its clear that the seal is intact. How can the things in it run selectively? How can the items in the bag mix in? Ms. Tian also found the mail office of the post company, Jinshajiang branch of Changshu, Jiangsu Province, to reflect the problem. The local delivery outlet also retrieved the whole monitoring video when packing the package, which indicated that the package was in line with the normal procedure, and no abnormal situation was found. However, when checking the sealing of the package received by Mr. Xue, we found the problem.

Ms. Tian said: the post (outlet) is to see the seal, that is, the seal, so it shows that it is not the seal they sent out at that time, but a seal that has been replaced.

Mr. Xue said: after taking pictures, people said that this is the Hohhot bag brush. It must have been opened. It must have been opened in Hohhot (the receiving Office).

It is understood that each business outlet of the post company has a unique package seal, which needs to be recorded when unpacking. Ms. Tian is a package sent from Jinshajiang branch of Changshu, Jiangsu Province. The sign on the seal should have the word Changshu Jinshajiang printed on it. But when her brother Mr. Xue received the goods, the sign on the seal was replaced with the word Hushi Bao brush. That is to say, the package was opened after we arrived at Huhe Haote.

But at that time, when the sending branch looked up the mail information tracking, it found that the whole information tracking display was normal, and Hohhot Branch did not report that the seal had been replaced.

Not only that, careful Ms. Tian also found that the weight of the package before and after the package was dropped was the same. She said, its just that the thing was changed. I think its a very deliberate act.

After the incident, Ms. Tian and her brother didnt contact the postal companies of the two places. But a month later, they didnt get a clear answer about which link the parcel went wrong and who moved it.

At the time of mailing, Ms. Tian, out of her trust in the postal company, did not insure the package when she mailed it. According to the regulations, Ms. Tian can only be compensated 6 times the postage, that is to say, Ms. Tian can only be compensated 200 yuan for her 5000 yuan worth of articles.

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