Childrens shoes contain ingredients that cause childrens precocious puberty! Huili: the problem lies in the purchased materials

 Childrens shoes contain ingredients that cause childrens precocious puberty! Huili: the problem lies in the purchased materials

On December 31, 2019, the official website of the General Administration of Market Supervision announced the list of unqualified products and enterprises of 51 kinds of products such as childrens shoes in 2019. Among them, wz-9047 childrens shoes produced by Shanghai Huili Shoes Co., Ltd. were found to contain phthalate. The sample of Huili childrens shoes is produced on July 6, 2019, product No. wz-904701.

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According to the reporter of Yangtze Evening News, phthalate is a widely used plasticizer with excellent performance, which can transform plastic from hard plastic to tough plastic. However, phthalate is also an environmental hormone, which not only has toxic effect on many systems of human body, but also affects the development of teenagers, and even causes feminization of boys. In fact, many plastic products will have the risk of phthalic acid ester exceeding the standard, such as the students commonly used book covers, erasers, and even the penholder of the writing pen, many can also detect problems.

Huili: the problem is that the products related to the purchased materials have been removed from the shelves

In this regard, Huili shoes explained that the non-compliance of the sample is due to the material problem, which is a purchased material.

Huili Shoes Co., Ltd. said Thursday that it is fully cooperating with the market supervision bureau in further investigation and re inspection of the product regarding the unqualified childrens shoes. The production and sales of related products were terminated in September last year, and they were removed from the shelves simultaneously. Huili shoes promises that the company will continue to improve the quality management system and strengthen the product quality supervision of relevant factories.

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Netizen: dont let quality problems ruin childhood memories and feelings

Huili shoes was founded in 1927, with a history of more than 90 years. Huili trademark was first registered in 1935, and was recognized as a famous trademark in Shanghai in 1997; in 1999, it was recognized as a well-known trademark in China.

Some netizens think that Huili should investigate and respond to the problems found, and give consumers a clear explanation. A positive attitude is worthy of affirmation. However, the right to purchase materials is still owned by the company, and the purchasing department is responsible for it. Childrens shoes contain precocious ingredients. If the quality of daily clothing, shoes and hats can not be guaranteed, where does the healthy growth of children come from?


Many consumers will pay attention to the production date and shelf life when they buy food. Do you know that? You cant ignore the production date when you buy shoes. Production date is a key indicator of childrens shoes identification. Childrens shoes are worn by children aged 3 to 14. In order to meet the demand of quality and price, natural materials, such as leather and textiles, are generally used. If these materials are stored in the warehouse for too long, they will cause mildew. In addition, the plastic or rubber materials used in the sole, such as long-term storage, will also cause aging, resulting in wear resistance, hardness and other related indicators unqualified, affecting wearing.

Size cant be exactly one foot

When choosing childrens shoes, the upper is best made of cotton and leather, because synthetic leather shoes have poor air permeability, while children usually have a large amount of activity. If sweat accumulates in the shoes, bacteria can easily grow. The hardness of the sole should be suitable for soft and hard, the wear-resistant and antiskid rubber sole is the best choice, and the sole should have rough pattern, which is conducive to increase the friction and antiskid. Because childrens muscles and foot bones are very tender and soft, shoes should be loose in size, and should not be narrow. Too narrow shoes will affect the development of childrens foot muscles and ligaments, and too large shoes will affect walking and activity. Childrens shoes should be loose enough to fit a little finger on their feet.

Preferred Velcro

In terms of shoelaces, childrens shoes are better to choose elastic mouth or buckle type shoes, rather than childrens shoes with longer shoelaces, because shoes with shoelaces are not only more troublesome to put on and take off shoes, but also easy to cause childrens wrestling once the shoelaces are scattered and children cant tie them. If you choose the childrens shoes with glued buckle, you can repeatedly open and close them several times during the purchase, observe the quality of the glued buckle, to avoid the childrens loosening of the glued buckle in the process of sports, leaving a potential safety hazard.

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