Xi Jinping stressed the theme of education as a new starting point in the theme of remembering the heart and remembering the mission, and constantly promoting the partys mission in mind.

 Xi Jinping stressed the theme of education as a new starting point in the theme of remembering the heart and remembering the mission, and constantly promoting the partys mission in mind.

Xi Jinping pointed out that it is the nineteen major decisions made by the party to carry out the theme education of never forget the original mind and remember the mission. The Party Central Committee attaches great importance to this and has made careful preparation and organization. Since the end of May last year, thematic education has been carried out in two batches from top to bottom, and it has basically ended. The party organizations at all levels have been vigorously promoted, the majority of Party members and cadres have been actively involved, and the people have enthusiastically supported it. The whole theme of education is characterized by distinct, solid and compact features, achieving the expected goals and achieving significant results. Party organizations at all levels and the majority of Party members and cadres have deeply studied and practiced the socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era, improved their ability to integrate knowledge, trust and practice, strengthened their ideological consciousness and action consciousness of keeping their original mind and undertaking their mission, promoted reform, development and stability of various work, actively solved the most urgent and most anxious problems of the masses, cultivated a clean and upright political ecology, and eliminated some possible dynamics Factors that shake the partys foundation and hinder its cause. This theme education is a vivid practice of deepening the partys self revolution in the new era and promoting the all-round development from strict administration of the party to in-depth development. It promotes the ideological unity, political unity and unity of action of the whole party, and makes a strong mobilization for our party to grasp the four greats and achieve the two centenary goals.

Xi Jinping stressed that this theme education summed up previous experience of centralized education within the party, and explored and accumulated new experience for the centralized education within the party in the new era. First, focusing on the theme and closely following the main line, learning and education, investigation and research, inspection of problems, rectification and implementation are carried out closely around the theme, the main line and general requirements, to overcome the problem of disconnection between learning and doing, and to ensure that the partys centralized education is not distracted. Second, with the above rate and demonstration driven, with the key minority demonstration driven by the vast majority, we have meticulously organized and planned to promote the implementation of responsibilities, so as to achieve the goal of consistent implementation. Third, we should integrate learning with doing, and link up research with reform, and improve the quality of thematic education and the overall effect of centralized education within the party. Fourth, we should focus on the problems, make precise rectification and carry out them item by item. If we dont solve the problems, we wont let them go. If the masses dont accept them, we wont let them go. We should ensure that the achievements can stand the test of practice, the people and history. Fifthly, we should strictly supervise, guide, and exert our strength inside and outside, strengthen policy research and guidance, promote by classification and classification, compact and compact the responsibility, insist on opening the door, and invite the masses to participate in, supervise and judge. Sixthly, we should try our best to guard against the false work and strive for the actual effect, take the opposition to formalism and bureaucracy as the outstanding requirements, combine the theme education with the implementation of the requirements of the year of reducing the burden at the grass-roots level, free the hands and feet of cadres at the grass-roots level from the shackles of formalism, and make the work solid and in place. While fully affirming the achievements, we should also be aware of the existing problems, be good at the beginning and the end, be good at doing well, and truly implement the requirements of overall and strict governance of the party.

Xi Jinping pointed out that our party is leading the people to carry out the great struggle with many new historical characteristics. We must constantly deepen the partys self revolution and continue to push the whole party not to forget its original mind and bear in mind its mission.

Xi Jinping pointed out that if we do not forget our minds and bear in mind our mission, we must unify our thinking, unite our will and act together with the latest achievements of Marx Sinicization. Only by adhering to the idea of building the party and strengthening the party in theory, and not forgetting the original intention, can we be more conscious and firm in our mission. We should make the study and implementation of the partys innovation theory the top priority of the ideological armed forces, link it with the study of the basic principles of Marxism, with the study of the party history, the history of new China, the history of reform and opening up, and the history of socialist development, and with the great struggle, the construction of great projects, the promotion of great undertakings, and the realization of great dreams in the new era We should work hard to get through the practice, unify our thoughts in emancipating our minds, improve our understanding in deepening our understanding, and conscientiously enhance our ideological and operational awareness of implementation.

Xi Jinping stressed that we should constantly remember the courage of our problems and our inner consciousness to constantly promote the partys self revolution. It is our partys remarkable feature and advantage to dare to face up to problems and correct mistakes. Powerful political parties were forged in the course of self revolution. The whole Party must always maintain its lofty revolutionary ideal and vigorous revolutionary fighting will, make good use of the sharp weapon of criticism and self-criticism, keep on fighting against corruption, strengthen its ability of self purification, self-improvement, self innovation and self-improvement, and build our party stronger and stronger.

Xi Jinping pointed out that we must carry forward the spirit of struggle and take the courage to do our duty without forgetting our hearts and keeping our minds in mind. Our party was born at the time of national internal and external troubles and national crisis. It has been engraved with the brand of struggle since it was born. Along the way, it has been striving for survival, development and victory in the struggle. The whole Party must never forget the danger, the death, the joy, and the worry. It must always keep alert, keep uplifting its spirit, and be brave in the great struggle with many new historical characteristics. The majority of Party members and cadres should be able to grow and strengthen their muscles and bones in the face of wind and rain, see the world, and practice the hard backbone, iron shoulder and true ability to take on their responsibilities, so as to advance and make contributions in effectively coping with major challenges, resisting major risks, overcoming major resistance and solving major contradictions.

Xi Jinping stressed that we should not forget our minds and bear in mind our mission. We must improve and develop the inner party system and form a long-term mechanism. At the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, it was proposed to establish a system of keeping in mind the original intention and mission. We should adhere to systematic thinking, dialectical thinking and bottom line thinking. We should not only stick to solving problems, but also adhere to simple and easy operation. We should take practical and effective measures to hit the key points of the problems. We should adhere to the goal orientation and based on the reality, and strive to unify the implementation of the requirements of the Party Central Committee, meet the needs of practice, and meet the expectations of the basic level. We should adhere to both innovative development and organic connection, and integrate with the laws and regulations within the party We should be able to understand, adhere to, perfect, establish and implement. The whole Party must strengthen the system consciousness, consciously respect the system, strictly implement the system, resolutely maintain the system, improve the authoritative and efficient system implementation mechanism, strengthen the supervision of system implementation, and promote the implementation of the system that does not forget the original mind and remember the mission.

During his presiding meeting, Wang Huning said that the important speech delivered by general secretary Xi Jinping has fully affirmed the main achievements achieved in the theme education of never forget the original mind and remember the mission from the overall situation and strategic height of the party and State Development in the new era. It has made a comprehensive progress in consolidating and expanding the theme education, deepening the partys self revolution, and continuously promoting the partys early intention and mission. Deployment, put forward clear requirements. General secretary Xi Jinpings important speech is ambitious, profound and rich in content, and has strong political, ideological, theoretical and guiding nature. All comrades of the party should earnestly study and understand, constantly enhance the Four Consciousness, firm the four self-confidence and achieve the two maintenance, comprehensively implement the general requirements of the partys construction in the new era, and ensure that our party will always maintain its strong vitality and combat effectiveness.

Members of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Secretary of the Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress, state councilor, President of the Supreme Peoples court, Attorney General of the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate and vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee attended the meeting.

Members of the central leading group of education on the theme of never forget your original mind and keep your mission in mind, leaders of departments and peoples organizations of the central and state organs, financial enterprises, enterprises, universities and relevant units of the military, and leaders and deputy leaders of the second group of Central Guidance Group, tour supervision group, etc. on the theme of never forget your original mind and keep your mission in mind attended the meeting. The meeting was held in the form of teleconference. Members of the leading group of the production and Construction Corps of all provinces, districts and cities, as well as cities (prefectures, leagues), counties (cities, districts and flags), PLA and armed police units at or above the regimental level, and responsible comrades of departments directly under the PLA attended the meeting at the branch venue.