Under the US Iraq Conflict: Ukrainian airliner falling in Iran

 Under the US Iraq Conflict: Ukrainian airliner falling in Iran

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About three minutes after take-off, Ukrainian International Airlines flight ps752 suddenly crashed. According to foreign media reports, the plane should have flown from Tehran to Kiev, carrying 176 people, including a large number of Iranian citizens, as well as some tourists to Iran on holiday.

The plane is a Boeing 737-800 aircraft, which was delivered in July 2016 and is only 3.6 years old. According to fr24 data, the aircraft is in normal condition during climbing, but at an altitude of about 2400m, the aircraft suddenly loses ADS-B signal.

The aircraft crashed during the climb phase. Fr24 showed that the aircraft flew normally before the crash, and the system suddenly lost its signal

The incident comes hours after Iran launched a retaliatory operation against the US military, using missiles to attack two US bases in Iraq.

Iranian foreign minister Zarif described the attack on the US military base as a self-defense operation. A few days ago, major general suleymani, the first member of the Iranian military, was cleared in Iraq by the United States through a beheading operation.

At least 80 US soldiers were killed and 200 injured in the attack on US military bases, 15 missiles hit 20 important targets and a large number of drones and helicopters were destroyed, CCTV military quoted Iranian media as saying. (however, many news channels corrected that no casualties were caused.)

At the scene of the crash, the plane crashed in the early morning

The first reported accident by Iranian media was due to technical failure. However, according to the pictures and videos circulated by the outside world, many media suspected that the aircraft department had been shot down.

On twitter, locals released images taken when the plane crashed: in the dark, a ball of fire gradually crashed from the air to the ground, eventually causing an explosion.

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A plane crash in Iran suspected of air disintegration (source: Netease aviation)

Considering that the aircraft involved crashed at 6:14 local time, and the sunrise time in Iran was about 7 oclock on that day, the dark sky was more in line with the scene situation, and the video was more likely to be true, which also showed that the aircraft had a fire in the air.

In the face of the speculation that the airliner was shot down, Iranian officials retorted that the accident was caused by engine failure. If the aircraft fell because it was hit by a missile, the aircraft would surely explode in the air.

But this refutation has also been questioned by many people: if it is really engine failure, it is difficult to quickly lead to such a big fire, and cause the aircraft to fall rapidly.

One netizen said, even a signal for help is too late..

Pictures released by foreign media show that there is no complete large piece of wreckage

After the crash, Iranian rescue workers rushed to the scene. The head of the rescue first said that there might be survivors and would do their best to carry out the rescue.

However, after arriving at the scene, it is also said that the fire is large and it is difficult to carry out rescue.

On the morning of January 8, Irans IRNA news agency announced that all passengers and crew members on the plane crashed in Iran were killed.

In fact, considering the image of the plane crash, the fire in the air and the explosion on the ground have actually implied that the survival probability of the people on board is 0.

According to the pictures of the rescue scene after daybreak, we can see that the wreckage of the plane is scattered everywhere without any large pieces.

The 737-800 belongs to the 737NG series, which is one of the most popular single aisle aircraft in the world with a good safety record.

After the accident, Boeing said it had taken note of Iranian media reports and was gathering more information. However, considering the current special situation between the United States and Iran, it is bound to be difficult to collect relevant information.

At present, many airlines have begun to ask their flights to avoid the airspace of Iran and Iraq and avoid being affected by the US Iraq conflict.

Flying debris

Iran itself has had the experience of a plane being shot down.

On the eve of the end of the Iran Iraq war in 1988, flight 655 of Iran was shot down over the Persian Gulf by a missile launched by the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Navy, the Vicente. All 290 people on board were killed.

After the accident, the U.S. did not recognize the need to bear legal responsibility for the accident, but only paid Iran $131.80 as compensation for the victims. The U.S. captain who ordered the missile launch even later received a medal in recognition of his performance as captain.

Just a few days ago, trump threatened to retaliate against 52 Iranian targets if Iran attacked any American or US targets. Trump said the number 52 represents 52 hostages seized by Iran many years ago.

In 1979, Islamic Revolution broke out in Iran. On November 4 of that year, Iranian students rushed into the US embassy in Iran and detained 52 US embassy staff for 444 days.

Irans president, Mahmoud Rouhani, responded that those who mentioned the number 52 should also remember the number 290. After that, it added the label of flight 655 of Iran, saying that no one can threaten the Iranian nation.

The downfall of the airliner is an unforgettable humiliation and pain for Iran for many years.

The picture of the plane crash taken in 2017 by Eyal zarrad

Air disasters are often tragic.

In the context of another conflict between the United States and Iran, a Ukrainian airliner made by the United States crashed in Iran, reminiscent of the 655 accident in Iran.


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