Whether the white house lights up after Irans air strike and the U.S. fight will disagree

 Whether the white house lights up after Irans air strike and the U.S. fight will disagree

A spokesman for the U.S. central command confirmed that 10 missiles hit Assad air force base, one hit a military base in the northern Iraqi city of Erbil, and four missed their targets. The attack spread in two waves, with an interval of about one hour.

After the attack, White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham issued a statement saying: we have learned about the attacks on US facilities in Iraq, and the president (trump) has been briefed, is paying close attention to the situation and is in consultation with the national security team.

The White House later said President trump would speak on Wednesday morning.

A preliminary loss assessment is under way and all necessary measures will be taken to protect us personnel, partners and allies in the region, the Defense Department statement said The United States does not seek war with Iran, but we are ready to finish the war, defense minister esper said at a regular press conference of the Ministry of defense that afternoon before the air strikes

Esper pointed out that the U.S. military is strengthening security measures for its troops in the Middle East, as well as redeploying and increasing its forces.

On Tuesday night, the White House was lit up

After the air raid, the White House was lit up that night

Although trump did not speak publicly Tuesday night, he said on social media that everything is OK..

Iran has launched missiles at two military bases in Iraq, and an assessment of casualties and losses is ongoing. All is well at present! We have the most powerful and well-equipped army in the world, far more than anyone else, trump tweeted! I will make a statement tomorrow morning.

Before trump tweeted, Secretary of state pompeio and esper arrived at the White House at about 7:30 p.m. to hold closed door talks with trump and left the White House at about 8:40 p.m.

The first finance and economics correspondent in Washington noted that after the news of Irans air strike, the security level around the White House was significantly upgraded, and a number of secret service personnel with assault rifles that would not normally appear were added at the entrance of the White House that night.

In addition, according to US media reports, several military bases around Washington were closed that night.

Eduardo Delgado, a spokesman for the U.S. Park police, said the Washington area will see a significant increase in police capacity in the near future because of the threat posed by Iran. It doesnt mean theres a specific threat, its just a precaution. Said Delgado.

Security measures were also stepped up Tuesday night at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, where the US presidents plane, air force one, was docked. We are confident that Andrews Air Force base is still the safest place in the world and we will continue to do so. Andrews Air Force Base said in a statement that night.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration issued a flight restriction on Tuesday night, banning U.S. civil aviation aircraft from flying over Iraq and Irans airspace, as well as the waters of the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman.

Is there a war against Iran? The United States will disagree

Trumps statement on Wednesday will not only be an official response to Irans attack on U.S. bases, but also be seen as a forward-looking policy direction of the U.S. side on the situation in Iran. Because trump has said many times that he wants the United States to withdraw from the endless war in the Middle East.

Trumps cautious speech on twitter on Tuesday night was also seen as a sign that he did not want the Iranian crisis to escalate further.

But it also means trump will face pressure from Republican members of Congress who are hawkish.. Several hardline Republicans have said the United States has to do something when Iran has declared war.

Senator Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, said late Tuesday that he had made a phone call with President Tran after the Iranian missile attack. He believes that what Iran is engaged in is an act of war. Therefore, he suggested that the trump administration attack Iranian oil field facilities.

What they need to know is that if you keep going like this, one day you will wake up and find that the oil field business is gone. Graham said.

However, there are also many anti war Democratic members of Congress opposed to further increasing tensions in the United States and Iraq. We must ensure the safety of our military personnel, and the [trump] cabinet should stop provocating Iran and demand that Iran stop violence. The United States and the world cannot afford another war. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a statement.

Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul, who has been opposed to the US overseas war, also pointed out that the US should take measures to avoid a war between the US and Iraq.

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