Xiake Island: will Iran launch more retaliation after the air attack on US bases?

 Xiake Island: will Iran launch more retaliation after the air attack on US bases?

In the early morning of January 8, Iran launched more than 10 ballistic missiles at two US air bases in Iraq. Iran has warned that if the U.S. forces dare to fight back, they will launch attacks against the United States.

After the incident, U.S. President trump, Secretary of state and Secretary of defense and other officials urgently held a meeting in the White House. So far, the US side has not made substantive response.

At around 10:30 Beijing time, Irans foreign minister said that Iran has ended the self-defense operation and does not seek escalation or war.

So, will Iran stop its revenge?


After the launch of the air attack, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard issued a statement, which clearly pointed out that the purpose of attacking the US military base in Iraq was to avenge Sulaimani, and said that Iran would launch more attacks if the US troops did not withdraw from Iraq as soon as possible.

The statement mentioned that the allies of the United States, such as Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel, will be within the scope of Irans attack.

Iran launched two rounds of air strikes, using the Conqueror 313 ballistic missile with a range of 500 kilometers. Most of the missiles hit the target. A US aircraft and other facilities were destroyed, but no soldiers were killed.

A spokesman for the U.S. central command said Iran launched 15 missiles, 10 of which hit Assad base in western Iraq, one hit Erbil base in northern Iraq, and four failed.

Why should Iran target these two US bases?

Irans thoughts were revealed when the foreign minister announced the end of the round. Iran has taken and ended reciprocal self-defense measures, targeted the bases in accordance with Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations, and launched armed attacks against our people and senior officials from these bases, he said

Screenshot of Iranian foreign minister Zarif on social media

Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations states that when any member of the United Nations is attacked by force ... this Charter does not prohibit the exercise of the natural right of individual or collective self-defence.

That is to say, Iran believes that the U.S. forces stationed at Assad and Erbil bases planned and murdered suleymani. Irans air strikes are equivalent in strength and self-defense in nature.

The main target of the bombing, Assad air force base, was built in 2017. It is one of the largest military bases of the US military in Iraq. There are 500 US military and civilian personnel stationed there. Its initial purpose is to fight against the rampant terrorists in Islamic state.

In December 2018, trump made his first visit to the troops stationed in the war zone and chose Assad air force base.

As the center of the military operations in western Iraq, Assad base deployed a number of us advanced fighters, including MQ-9 Reaper drone, which was used by us agents to assassinate Sulaimani, commander of Iran Revolutionary Guard Holy City Brigade in the early morning of January 3.

Erbil base is the secondary target of the Iranian attack. It mainly supports operations in northern Iraq and Syria, with hundreds of soldiers, logisticians and intelligence experts.

MQ-9 Reaper UAV (data)


After the air raid, the whole world fell into a tense mood, and the international financial market was obviously shaken.

On commodities, crude oil and gold futures soared. US oil prices rose more than 4% to break the US $65 / barrel barrier, while spot gold rose 2% to break the US $1600 / ounce high again in seven years.

On the stock market, US stocks all closed lower overnight, with the Dow down 0.42%. Asia Pacific markets were also dismal, with Japans Nikkei 225 index down more than 2.5% in the session, a rarity in recent months.

What you are most worried about is that the United States, the initiator of this round of conflict, will once again make a rash decision to launch a counterattack against Iran, which will lead to the outbreak of a comprehensive war between the United States and Iran.

The White House first issued a statement saying: the United States is paying close attention to the situation, and the president has listened to the briefing and consulted with his national security team.

After hours of white house meetings, senior US officials left the White House. The media thought trump would give a speech on TV, but he only tweeted.

Trump said, its all good! Iran has launched several missiles at two bases in Iraq, and the assessment of casualties and losses is ongoing. So far, its OK! No matter in any part of the world, we have the most powerful and equipped army! Tomorrow morning, I will make a statement!

Screenshot of trump twitter

This attack on Iran is not the most worrisome thing. The coming terrorist attacks by organizations supporting Iran are even more worrisome, someone said Others said: 10 hours ago, pompeio also said that killing Sulaimani made us safer. As a result.

The world, including the American people, is waiting for the United States to stop making wrong decisions.


In fact, this round of air strikes is the second round of retaliatory measures taken by Iran since the assassination on January 3. The first round was on January 5, when Iran announced that it would suspend the implementation of the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement and lift all restrictions on nuclear development. (click targeted assassination for details, what kind of Middle East will the United States face?)

So, will Iran stop after this air strike, or will it launch a third and fourth round of retaliation measures in the future?

After the air strikes, Irans supreme leader Khamenei delivered a speech to the whole country, saying: the missile attack on the US military base in the early morning is a slap in the face of the United States, but it is not enough..

At 8 oclock this morning, the Iranian embassy in China also released a meaningful micro blog: the end of the evil forces of the United States in Western Asia has begun.. Irans Revolutionary Guard statement said Iran would launch more attacks if the U.S. military did not withdraw from Iraq as soon as possible.

Screenshot of microblog of Iranian embassy in China

This shows that even if the retaliation for Sulaimanis death is over, there is a new goal and reason for Irans later attacks, that is, to force the US military to withdraw from Iraq, or even the whole west Asia (Middle East).

Irans reason is reasonable. On January 5, the Iraqi parliament passed a resolution calling for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. Although the U.S. first publicly refused to implement the resolution, the resolution provided justice support for Iran and its allies in their future actions.

Whats more, there are still some revenge without Irans help. At the same time, the U.S. army killed Sulaimani, the deputy leader of Iraqi Shiite militia peoples mobilization force muhandis, and two senior officials of Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Before Iran launched this round of air strikes on January 4 and 5, the U.S. military base in Iraq was attacked by rocket for two consecutive nights. At present, there is no organization to claim, but it is generally believed that the attack was carried out by Hezbollah brigade, a branch of peoples mobilization.

In the wake of todays air strikes, several Iranian officials also warned through Iranian media that Hezbollah would fire rockets at Israel if the United States retaliated against these attacks in Iraq.

Missile landing video

From inside Iran, these two rounds of counterattacks may not satisfy the people.

The Iranian government is under great pressure from public opinion. Sulaimani is a hero with high reputation in the hearts of the Iranian people, and the US militarys behavior is an insult to Iran. In addition to holding a grand funeral and other commemorative activities at home, the Iranian government must take more revenge on the United States to vent peoples anger and sorrow.

Judging from the scale and result of the air raid, it is obvious that the Iranian authorities have also considered carefully, and they do not want to make things get out of control like the outbreak of war.

Earlier, the commander of Irans Revolutionary Guard said that Iran had targeted about 35 US targets in the Middle East. Upon hearing the news, trump said that if Iran attacks American or American assets, the United States will attack 52 Iranian military and cultural sites (later changed to say it will not attack Iranian cultural sites).

How will the United States react to Irans more counter attacks in the future?

Maybe it will be like in June 2019 when Iran laid down the valuable U.S. Global Hawk UAV, trump took a step down and said, for the sake of killing many people, I called off the counterattack against Iran..

But maybe the United States will be on the edge of the war, and the two sides will fight each other fiercely, even though the war is not in the interests of either side.

Who can let go of Pandoras box when it is opened?

Pictures of missile launches released by Iran

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