Open in 2020, its dark! Lindane Marseilles first round tour, Chen long, Shi Yuqis promotion

 Open in 2020, its dark! Lindane Marseilles first round tour, Chen long, Shi Yuqis promotion

Chen won 11 of the 16 previous games against sun wanhu, a South Korean general who was not long back. In the game, Chen Long took the absolute advantage. In the first set, he opened the score and took the lead 11-6 at the time of suspension. Although sun wanhu kept chasing after the score, Chen long still controlled the situation and won the first place with 21-16. In the second round, Chen Long took the lead 6-2, and after being overtaken 9-10, he made a wave of 5-0. He didnt give sun wanhu another chance. He went to the next city 21-14, and 2-0 passed the first round. The opponent in the second round will be Li Zhuoyue from Hong Kong, China.

Shi Yuqi has an obvious advantage in the first game against Wang Ziwei, a Chinese Taipei player. He wins 21-12 in the lead. In the second set, the score of both sides was tight, and Shi Yuqi held the chance to score 2 points in a row and advance to the next city 2-0 with 22-20. Lu Guangzu faced Denmarks Martin Haas. After winning the first set 21-11, he lost 18-21 in the second set, and won the decisive set 21-16. In the second round, he had a civil war with Shi Yuqi. Huang Yuxiang defeated Indonesias King ting in 21-16 and 22-20 straight sets. Sun Feixiang, who was promoted through the qualification competition, met Japans xibentai in the first round. After losing 21-23 in the first set, he lost 10-21 in the second.

Chen Yufei of the womens singles won the first round against Denmarks jesfield with an obvious advantage of 21-12 in the first round. In the second round, she was defeated by 20-22 opponents in the lead. Chen Yufei takes the initiative in the decisive game and suppresses all the way to win 21-12 to advance. He bingjiao is facing South Koreas Jin Jiaen. In the first game, he lost eight points in a row. After 13-17, he lost four points in a row and lost one game in 13-21. In the second set, he bingjiao fought back 6-1 to start, 17-7 leading 10 points to pull back a city 21-11. He bingjiao rallied to win 21-14 to reverse the clearance.

In terms of mixed doubles, Zheng SIH / Huang Yaqiong won Indias jopra / skie in 21-10, Wang Yilv / Huang Dongping went straight to two sets, beating the host group Xu bangrong / Xie Yixi in 21-13 and 21-10, and he Jiting / Du Yue lost another Malaysian group Wu SHUNFA / Lai Jiemin in 12-21 and 19-21.

In the first round of the mens doubles, Han chengkai / Zhou Haodong faced German combination Jensen / kasbauer, who lost one game at 15-21, and reversed with 22-20 and 21-14. Di Zijian / Wang Chang met Li Zhehui / Yang Boxuan, a Chinese Taipei group, and lost on 17-21, 21-19 and 16-21. Zheng Yu and Li Wenmei of the womens doubles played against ramadhanti and sujiyato of Indonesia, and they were promoted by 14-21, 21-10 and 21-9 in three games.

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