Roth 24 + 7 piston to the knight 5 company defeated the villa God 23 + 20 lof 30 + 9 + 4

 Roth 24 + 7 piston to the knight 5 company defeated the villa God 23 + 20 lof 30 + 9 + 4

After the opening, the two teams drew several times, with Drummonds inner line scoring 6 points and Osmans three points. With 5:15 left in the first quarter, the two teams drew 18. Loew scored two goals in a row, nett scored three points, and they led the team to a 9-3 high. Galloway responded with three points, Drummond made a three-point make-up and the pistons were 2 points behind 27-29 at the end of the first quarter. Drummond scored 11 points in a single quarter.

Knight scored 5 points. He led the Cavaliers to a 10-2 lead in the second quarter. Rose broke through and fought back. Delaware hit three points. Nikki was also very active and scored five points. The Cavaliers led by 15 points 49-34 in the middle of this quarter. Snell responded with three points to lead the team to chase five points in a row, Gallard hit back three points, Mikhail liuk hit three points, and the pistons fell 46-57. After the two sides played several attacks, Osman and Sexton each took three points, the Cavaliers led 67-52. Drummond turned and shot to finish the second quarter. The pistons were 54-67 behind.

Clevelands Osman scored 14 points in the first half, garland and knight 10 points each, while Detroits Drummond scored 17 points and 12 rebounds.

Snell and rose scored three points respectively. They led the team to chase eight points in the third quarter. The pistons fell 62-67. Loews jump shot returned, and the Cavaliers quickly stabilized the situation in the third of Sextons. After the game you come and I go, the score increases alternately, mihaeliuk and wood get 4 points, the pistons catch up to 82-87 with 1:55 in this section. Loew opened fire suddenly, two three-point goals in the company. He led the team to end the third quarter with an 8-2 attack wave, and the Cavaliers led by 11 points with 95-84.

Shortly after the start of the last quarter, Mikhail liuk scored three points, leading the team to hit an 11-2 counterattack, with the pistons catching up to 97-100. Sexton took four free throws in a row, and Mick and rose made three, respectively. Drummond took the dunk. With three minutes and 55 seconds left in this section, the pistons tied 105. Osman and Loew each one of the three-point ball opened again, Snell responded to three points, rose and Drummond also took turns to score, the pistons scored seven points in a row to 112-111 anti super.

After the suspension of the Cavaliers, Sexton sent the team to lead again in two free throws, rose won the singles, and the pistons led 114-113 with 26.1 seconds left in the fourth quarter. Garlands right wing shot three points, Drummond blocked the ball, garland got the rebound. The Cavaliers attack 24 seconds, they can only choose foul tactics, Drummond two penalty one, Loew the last moment pass error, the Cavaliers lost 113-115.

Starting lineup of pistons: Brown, Mihail, Snell, dunbia, Drummond