Cheng Peng, former Deputy Secretary General of Mudanjiang municipal government, was once wanted by A-level

 Cheng Peng, former Deputy Secretary General of Mudanjiang municipal government, was once wanted by A-level

Cheng Peng once served as the director of Mudanjiang Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Secretary of Dongan District Committee, Secretary of Ningan Municipal Committee, Deputy Secretary General of Mudanjiang municipal government, etc. Most of his violations of discipline and law occurred during his tenure as secretary of Ningan municipal Party committee.

After investigation, Cheng Peng violated political discipline, participated in superstitious activities, absconded to evade examination and investigation, transferred and concealed assets, colluded with others to fight against organizational examination; violated the spirit of the eight regulations of the central government, took first-class class official travel, exceeded standard banquets, and used buses in violation of regulations; violated organizational discipline, reported personal matters in violation of regulations, and violated regulations on selection and appointment of cadres To seek personnel interests for others; to violate integrity discipline, engage in profit-making activities in violation of regulations, receive gifts and gifts; to violate work discipline, intervene in and intervene in judicial activities; to violate life discipline, maintain an improper relationship with others for a long time; to violate national laws and regulations, participate in overseas gambling and be suspected of bribery.

In February 2019, Cheng Peng, who had a premonition of the east window incident, fled to Harbin, Sanya, Beijing, Liaoning Heishan and other places, then fled back to Mudanjiang city. On April 21, the Ministry of Public Security issued A-level wanted order to Cheng Peng. With the close cooperation between the discipline inspection and supervision authorities and the public security authorities, Cheng Peng was arrested in his hiding place five days later.

In the indictment, the public prosecution alleged that the defendant, Cheng Peng, took advantage of his position to illegally accept other peoples property and seek benefits for others, which amounted to 26.3611 million yuan in total, a huge amount.

During the trial, Cheng Peng pleaded guilty to all the facts of the crime and deeply repented. I have worked in Ningan for so many years, which has not brought development and hope to this place, but has brought serious damage to the political ecology of Ningan. I have not brought benefits to this place, and I have created evils to this place!

Li Xijun, deputy director of Mudanjiang City Administration Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, said with deep feeling after the trial: the lesson of Cheng Peng case is painful. As a leading cadre, we must remember that Never stretch your hand, never stretch your hand! In the future work, we should not forget our original intention, keep in mind our mission, firmly adhere to the bottom line of discipline and never touch the red line of the law!

It is reported that the case will be sentenced at a later date.

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