Solve the power and health mystery! Millions of people are involved in MLM in the name of direct marketing

 Solve the power and health mystery! Millions of people are involved in MLM in the name of direct marketing

On January 8, the high-profile power and health case was settled.

In accordance with the law, the peoples Court of Wuqing District of Tianjin city sentenced 12 people, including Quan Jian natural medical science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. and the defendant, Shu Yuhui, to organize and lead pyramid selling activities. The court found that 12 people, including Quan Jian company and Shu Yuhui, constituted the crime of organizing and leading pyramid selling activities. According to the law, the court sentenced Quan Jian company to a fine of 100 million yuan, sentenced him to a fixed-term imprisonment of 9 years, and punished Jin Ren RMB 50 million. Zhu Yuhui pleaded guilty in court.

Tear off the mask of pyramid selling and break the myth of making wealth. In the trial of the case, many mysteries previously shrouded in the right fitness were further solved.

Mystery 1: direct or MLM? Involving millions of people and more than 30 billion yuan

Pull peoples heads, entry fee, multi-level, team remuneration The case of Quan Jian embodies all the important characteristics of MLMs illegal operation.

The first trial of the court clearly pointed out that since 2007, Quanjian company has lured others to buy products whose cost deviates from the selling price to become members by using high reward as bait, and then carried out rebate based on the number of developing members, so as to induce members to continue to develop other peoples participation, form a pyramid like hierarchical relationship and obtain huge economic benefits. As the actual controller of Quanjian company, Mr. Yu Hui plays a decisive role in organizing and leading the MLM activities of the company. Other defendants participate in organizing and leading the MLM activities according to the instructions of Mr. Yu Hui, or as dealers of Quanjian company, develop members to participate in the MLM activities.

For more than ten years, Quan Jian has been marketing in the name of direct selling. In the face of false publicity and MLM query, Quanjian company always takes direct marketing as a shield, saying that Quanjian company obtained the direct marketing license issued by the Ministry of Commerce on October 8, 2013. However, the inquiry found that the products allowed to be directly sold only include a series of cosmetics with the name of DNA, cleaning products such as sanitary napkins / pads, chewing tablets and other health food in total 40 kinds, excluding any drugs.

Reporters input the keywords of Quanjian and MLM in the Chinese judgment document network, with 20 related judgment documents. In a 2016 judgment in Jiaohe City, Jilin Province, four people, including Meng, were convicted of organizing and leading pyramid selling activities; in the judgment, Meng joined Quanjian company in Tianjin in April 2008, in the name of selling Quanjian brand health products, requiring participants to purchase products to obtain the added qualification and carry out pyramid selling activities.

Before this, for this kind of case, beam Yuhui once quibbled: its all done by agents, and it has nothing to do with Quan Jian. Im really out of control over agents and distributors. I dont know how they recruit people and sell any products. I cant control them.

However, this cutting method did not work. After his arrest, Quan Jians MLM network was unveiled. Through the mode of attracting people to join the association and making rebate step by step, Quanjian has developed a sales team of nearly 4 million people, with a maximum of more than 600 levels, involving more than 30 billion yuan. Mr. Wang Zhiyong, a competent general and senior executive of Quanjian under Mr. Yu Hui, has developed more than 100000 people and made tens of millions of yuan.

The court sentenced 11 defendants other than Shu Yuhui to three to six years imprisonment and a fine. Illegal income shall be recovered and turned over to the state treasury.

Mystery 2: business wizard or liar? Attract gold expansion with public awareness

He was famous for his high profile and multi gold, and made a lot of money by investing in football. Tianjin Quan Jian football club has attracted much attention because of its enthusiasm to hire famous players and world-class coaches at home and abroad. At the same time, beam Yuhui didnt show up much in public, and kept the mysterious image.

With the truth of wealth accumulation of Quan Jian revealed, he also experienced a huge life reversal from the so-called business Wizard to the prisoner.

In July 2016, the reporter once witnessed a brilliant moment of Mr. Yu Hui at a project press conference of Quan Jian company. In the luxury hall, which holds hundreds of people, the video shows him climbing onto the helicopter with his head held high. Soon, the light in the hall was focused, the door opened slowly in the passionate music, and beam Yuhui walked into the hall surrounded by dozens of people, and there were cheers and applause.

This kind of high-profile action is not only seen at the scene of the event, but also in Quan Jians East China headquarters, hotel, tumor hospital, football training base and other industries. In the middle of the building of the luxury Quanjian Hotel, there was a huge gilded Buddha, which was very eye-catching.

Through this kind of high-profile burning money and showing off wealth behavior, bundle Yuhui has provided excellent publicity materials for Quan Jian to develop its MLM business. Many people have been brainwashed and choose to join Quan Jian, believing that President bundle can help them realize their dream of becoming rich overnight.

Through the original capital accumulated in the health care industry, he and Quan Jian company wash away their pyramid selling behavior through extensive investment, and the investment fields even include cutting-edge technology, village and town banks, financial and tax software, sports sectors, etc. According to the data of enterprise investigation, there are 32 companies in which he works.

Question 3: magic medicine or inferior product? Thousands of yuan health care insoles have no health care function

For a long time, a lot of families have experienced the tragedies of health damage and property fraud due to the bombardment of advertising and the brilliant wealth myth.

Quanjian is known as a company founded on high price health care insoles and anion sanitary napkins. Ever had the right health dealer to propagandize vigorously, the insole function is very big, the headache puts on the head, the lumbago puts on the waist, has the heart disease to be able to take out from the sole of the foot to put the armpit, may immediately be good.

But in fact, a large number of products of QH are cheap and of low quality. Take the health care insoles sold by Quanjian for example, the factory price is less than 20 yuan, almost no health care function.

Quanjians well-known fire therapy claims that by wrapping customers in plastic films and towels, lighting a fire can eliminate moisture. The application scope of this technology includes burning eyes, nose, ears, abdomen and other parts of the body. It is claimed to be able to treat rhinitis, kidney deficiency, impotence, facial paralysis, constipation, scapulohumeral periarthritis and other diseases. According to the publicity materials of a Quanjian fire therapy project, the price of each course is up to 1280 yuan.

But this kind of health care products and services, which are expensive and boasted of cure all diseases, have seriously harmed the health of consumers. Some people were burned in the course of fire treatment. According to a civil judgment issued by Shenzhen intermediate peoples Court of Guangdong Province numbered (2018) Yue 03 min Zhong 3367, Xiao chongmei, in her 40s, suffered burns to her right upper limb, chest, abdomen and back while receiving fire treatment.

With these pitiful health care products, in more than 10 years, Quan Jian has created a health care empire with annual sales of more than 10 billion yuan.

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