Xu Zhengxi takes on the role of Penglai room as a romantic Chef

 Xu Zhengxi takes on the role of Penglai room as a romantic Chef

Special popular role, romantic Kitchen God, high voice of audience

There is a love behind the intoxication of cynicism. As a spirit, he has already given up his obsession and will soon die. In order to help the girl he loves, he asked Bai Qi, who played by Bai Yu, to help him make a dish with puffer fish poison. For this reason, he and Lin Xia (Zheng Qiuhong), the hostess, have reached a cooperation. They plan to help each other, and the process is full of laughter.

To make Lin Xia jealous and white rise, enemies and friends laugh

In the play, intoxication is the only male role that makes Bai Qi feel crisis. He and Lin Xia form a conspiracy team to help each other, and pretending to flirt with each other makes Bai Qi jealous and full of attention. In addition, intoxication will have a double face, on the one hand is serious and handsome deep feeling intoxication, waiting for thousands of years; on the other hand is funny and funny than intoxication, every joke. Xu Zhengxi with many years of practice and practice of acting easily second switch, perfect interpretation of laughter hidden in the corner of the intoxicated tears.

From January 6, Penglai room will be broadcasted exclusively on Tencents video network. 2 episodes will be updated at 12320 every week, and members will watch 6 episodes first. Tonight, Xu Zhengxis intoxication will surprise us online and look forward to his wonderful performance.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Chen Shaojie