Do you understand these little metaphors of the director in beautiful life?

 Do you understand these little metaphors of the director in beautiful life?

In the history of 1941-1945, it was the human purgatory of the Jews. Nazi Germany carried out genocide against nearly 6 million Jews, accounting for two-thirds of all Jews in Europe at that time, including nearly 1.5 million children. As a Jewish director, Roberto Benigni, however, presents such a cruel history in the film beautiful life in a calm and even humorous way. When Guido broke into the engagement party of Princess Dora, he rode a white horse, which was painted dazzling green by the Nazis. Little Joshua saw the sign of no Jews and dogs hanging in the door of the shop, Guido comforted him and said, tomorrow our bookstore will also be hung with the sign of no spiders and Visigoths The core of comedy is tragedy. GUI often uses casual jokes to make the audience remember the cruelty of war. 2020 is also the 75th anniversary of the victory of the world anti fascist war. This remake of beautiful life also makes us cherish the peace era in front of us.

The most tragic comedy movie, however, life is always beautiful

Guido was mistaken for a Nazi Officer

Uncle was knocked down by barbarian

Guidos appearance was originally because the car was out of control and he wanted everyone to dodge, but everyone mistook Guido for saying hello with Nazi gestures. As soon as he arrived at his uncles house, he saw his uncle being knocked down by radical Nazis. The various plots at the beginning of the film suggest that they are in the era of Nazi upsurge.

Doctors guessing riddles

Guido looks like a doctor for help

In the film, there is a German doctor who is fond of guessing. He and Guido are also connected by riddles. The more things are, the more invisible they are - Darkness; whenever something mentions me, I will disappear - Silence. These two puzzles may be the best portrayal of war. Because of their talents, the two men showed sympathy, which also led guiduo to place all his hopes on him when he saw the doctor in the concentration camp, but the result was that the doctor was only crazy because of mystery, and only lost what he gave guiduo.

Son naively looks at the slogan of discrimination

When the son sees the sign no Jews and dogs on the street, the dialogue with his father is also the classic passage of the film. Guido, my father, told Joshua, everyone has their own dislikes. You hate spiders. I hate Visigoths. Our bookstore will be marked no spiders and Visigoths tomorrow. Such a miserable history was thus resolved by Roberto Benigni in a humorous way. At the same time, it indicates that the war is coming quietly.

Joshua wins tank first prize

At the end of the film, when Joshua came out of the iron box and saw the tank, he shouted wewon! excitedly. Yes, my father didnt cheat him. They won the prize of this 1000 point game - a real tank. Although the game is fake, the victory is real. The victory of father and son also symbolizes the victory of anti fascist war and the victory of people all over the world.

The movie beautiful life is on the air.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)