The movie pipiru: canny villain is targeted for 2020 summer

 The movie pipiru: canny villain is targeted for 2020 summer

Pipiru and lucici return to start the adventure of canning villain

It is reported that since 2017, general manager pipiru has mobilized CEO Zheng Yaqi to try to adapt Zheng Yuanjies classic works to film and television. In 2018, Yu Fei, who was produced by general mobilization of pipiru, participated in the screenwriting and adapted from Zheng Yuanjies work of the same name, won a brilliant performance once it was put online. Douban score was 8.2, not only shortlisted for the golden Baron award of the 21st Shanghai Film Festival, but also rated as the excellent network film short work of 2018 by the State Administration of radio, film and television. This time, as the first live action movie adapted from the work of Zheng Yuanjie, the fairy tale king, the movie Pipilu general mobilization can villain comprehensively upgraded the production of the movie on the basis of the production team of the original class of rabbit taming, restored the setting of the wonderful plot and fantasy plot of the original book, and more integrated with the proposition of friendship, kinship and education. The film was announced to be scheduled for summer vacation, It is also the hope that parents and children can gain thinking and moving while enjoying the time of parents and children.

Excellent reproduction of classic fairy tale IP to create the most suitable movie for children

Pipiru general mobilization can villain tells about the outstanding achievements. Lucie, a good student praised by everyone, accidentally found five villains with different images in the can. They started a fantastic adventure with pipiru and Lucies brother and sister. It is reported that the film the can villain of general mobilization of pipiru is adapted from Zheng Yuanjies classic fairy tale the can villain. The original work the can villain was created by Zheng Yuanjie in 1984. It has been published repeatedly since 1985, with a sales volume of more than ten million volumes. The audience covers readers of all ages from 70 to 10, and it has become a common childhood memory of five generations. The original can man has also been adapted into a stage play by Chinese childrens art. It has performed more than 600 times in ten years, and has been rated as a family play where parents cant watch mobile phones.

As an influential writer in China, Zheng Yuanjies works not only bring readers literary enjoyment, but also bring great positive energy to the society. His works of pipiru, Lucie, Shuke, beta and rock have hundreds of millions of readers in China, and even adults are attracted. His fairy tales are known as works suitable for the whole family to read. This summer vacation of can villain of pipiru general mobilization not only makes up for the gap of childrens films in the current Chinese film market, but also, from the perspective of children, the film explores what is a good student in the way of teaching and entertainment Can academic performance represent everything? And so on.

The film can villain of pipiru general mobilization is produced by Beijing pipiru general mobilization Culture Technology Co., Ltd., Wanda film and television media Co., Ltd. and Beijing infinite freedom culture media Co., Ltd. and will be released in the summer in 2020.