Love box office 460 million Zhong Hanliang and Yang Zishan are treated differently by piggy

 Love box office 460 million Zhong Hanliang and Yang Zishan are treated differently by piggy

Netease Entertainment reported on January 8 that love, produced under the supervision of Xu Zheng and directed by Yang Zi, the chief producer of Liu Ruifang, is on the national hit. At present, the cumulative box office is 460 million, and it has been the top box office for eight consecutive days. The movie uses three different states to present the most real appearance of love. Among them, the lovers played by Zhong Hanliang and Yang Zishan deeply touched many audiences. Todays film exposes the special behind the scenes of the two people. At the same time, they are trampled on by piggy while being sweet with piggy. Its funny that Zhong Hanliang and Yang Zishan are treated differently by piggy. In addition to laughter, the performance with a sense of substitution also pricked the audiences tears, love is not who changed for whom, but to be inclusive..

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In the movie, Li Xiang (Zhong Hanliang) and Qu Feifei (Yang Zishan), who are in love with each other, are familiar to many audiences because of the contradictory appearance of piggy. It is found that lovers have parts they dont like. This is the situation that every love will encounter when it comes to running in period. Looking at Yang Zishans final acceptance of Ding Dong, many people feel deeply, the value of love lies in that we gradually accept each others imperfections in the process of getting along.. More audience said, can be called textbook love, to take lovers two brush learning..

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The movie love is produced by zhenledao culture, Hairun film industry, taopiao, supervised by Xu Zheng, chief producer of Liu Ruifang, director of Yang Zi, and led by Yu Hewei, Wu Lei, Zhang Zifeng, Zhong Hanliang, Yang Zishan, Chen Weiting, Zhong Chuxi, Tan Jianci, Yi Qingzi, Guo Qilin, Li Randi, and starred by Li Qian, with friendship roles of Gong BEIBI, Lang Yueting, Yu Hailei, Wang Ziyi, Wang Yang Zhao YUNZHUO, special performance oner.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)