Cao can, a national first-class actor, died of cancer at the age of 87

 Cao can, a national first-class actor, died of cancer at the age of 87

Cao can, born on December 27, 1932 in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, is a member of the Communist Party of China, an advanced worker in national language and writing work, an advanced worker in out of school education for children, a first-class actor in the national language theatre, a famous performing artist, top ten performing artists, honorary president of the recitation Research Association of the Beijing Language Society, and honorary director of the recitation research branch of the Beijing Education Society Honorary principal of Cao can art school.

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Mr. Cao can has played a major role in more than 40 dramas, such as Lei Feng, the foot of Tianshan Mountain and shagong Daro. He is in Hello, Pacific Ocean! u300bHe portrayed Deng Xiaopings artistic image in the TV series adventurer of the special zone, the great leap forward of Dabie Mountain, Mao Zedong came out of China, Oriental giant, Zuoquan and vicissitudes of Shanghai, enjoying the reputation of both body and spirit.

Hello, Xiaoping as Deng Xiaoping

Cao can has been involved in the field of broadcasting since the 1950s. He recorded more than 100 short stories for teenagers and children in the Central Peoples radio station trumpet. He was awarded the title of audience favorite performing artist by the continuous broadcasting program research association of novels of the Ministry of radio and television. Uncle Cao can has been accepted by two generations.

Cao can tells a story in the program trumpet