Jiangsu woman killed on New Years Day: suspect was jailed for demolition and threatened to kill

 Jiangsu woman killed on New Years Day: suspect was jailed for demolition and threatened to kill

That night, Yizheng Municipal Public Security Bureau issued the notice of emergency investigation assistance, which confirmed that Peng Shalin (male, 48 years old, unemployed), a member of Liuji Village Alliance Group, was suspected of major crimes and required all units to deploy the investigation. On the morning of January 2, Peng was found dead on the top of a bungalow near his flower shed. Police reported it as suicide.

After the crime, people in Liuji town began to talk about it. According to the Beijing News, when Yang Enrong was the village secretary in 2014, he participated in the demolition of Pengs house in Lin and there was a conflict at the demolition site. Peng was sentenced to three years imprisonment and four years probation for smashing the excavator at the scene. During the probation period, Peng Zailin was put into prison in March 2016 and released from prison in March 2019 for disturbing the order of public places.

Pengs family told the Beijing news that after he was released from prison, he always thought he had been in a prison of injustice and kept fighting lawsuits and petitions. In October last year, Peng Zailin, who was released from prison, told his brother-in-law, Zhou Chuanying (pseudonym), that if he could not win the lawsuit within six months, he would kill.

On January 6, Yizheng Municipal Public Security Bureau responded to the reporter of Beijing news that they were still investigating Pengs motive for killing. At present, Peng was determined to commit suicide, but the police still need to dissect his body to confirm the specific cause of death.

Unexpected trouble

At about 6:50 p.m. on January 1, Tian Meng (not his real name) was setting up a stall opposite the rongyunyan Hotel of Yang Enrongs house, when he heard a womans cry of ah. Tian Meng saw a figure about 1.7 meters tall, dressed in dark clothes, flash out of the smoke Hotel and run away.

Tian Meng and another villager run into the smoke Hotel. They see Yang Rong lying on the ground with her head resting on her mother Fu Lis right arm. Fu Li covers Yang Rongs neck with her hand. She is crying and there is blood on the ground.

After people called the police, Yang Rong was sent to the North Jiangsu hospital in Yangzhou. A relative of Yangs family said that when she arrived at the hospital at 8:00 p.m., Yang Rong had no heartbeat..

As for the details of Yang Rongs death, a person familiar with the Yizheng Municipal Public Security Bureau replied to the reporter of the new Beijing news that because the investigation was not finished, he did not get the investigation report, it is not clear now..

On the night of January 1, the Public Security Bureau of Yizheng City issued the notice of emergency co investigation, which confirmed that Peng Zailin, a member of the League of Liuji village, was suspected of committing a major crime and required all units to deploy the investigation.

Yangs wife was cooking when Peng Zhelin broke into the shop. Only her daughter, Yang Rong, was at the counter. There was no one else at the scene. Liu Xiaomei (a pseudonym), a villager close to Yangs family, said she heard that Yang Enrong was just in time to eat wine in Yizheng City.

Yang Enrongs cousin told the Beijing news that Yang Rong was the only daughter of Yang Enrong. After graduating from graduate school last summer, she was admitted as a civil servant in Yizheng City. She didnt live in the village at ordinary times. She didnt come back home until new years day. She didnt expect to be hit by such a catastrophe.

u25b2 on January 3, Peng Zailin fled to the entrance of the community opposite the place where the accident happened. Photographed by Zhang Huilan, reporter of Beijing News

A nearby merchant told the Beijing news that he and the injured mans son were friends. That night, when he heard that someone was injured in the flower and tree farm, he hurried there and called his friend, who trembled on the phone and said, father is rescuing.. He later learned that his friends father was resting in the house and his mother was working.

According to Yizheng City police, from 18:53 to 57 on January 1, a case of intentional injury and death occurred in rongyunyan hotel in Liuji Town Street and Lianhe group flower and wood farm, killing one person and injuring two others.

Under the leadership of a local villager, a reporter from Beijing news came to the flower and wood farm and turned into a path from a road to the north of Yangji Town, with a row of bungalows at the end. According to a person familiar with the Yizheng Public Security Bureau, Peng Zailin broke into the row of bungalows on the night of January 1.

Pengs wife, Zhou Chuanmei (not her real name), recalled to the Beijing news that she and her husband sold Spring Festival couplets on the street on the morning of the incident, but found nothing unusual about her husband. At noon, the couple had lunch in their flower shed. In the afternoon, Zhou Chuanmei left the flower shed and went home alone.

Zhou Chuanmeis eldest brother lives in a flower shed. He told the Beijing news that at about 5 p.m. that day, Peng went out on a battery car.

After that, the tragedy happened.

According to police reports, through the search for key routes, at about 9 a.m. on January 2, Peng Zailin, the suspect, was found to have committed suicide in Liuji village, Liuji town. Pengs relatives told the Beijing news that they heard that on the morning of January 2, an old lady picking vegetables in the field found the body on a low roof near Pengs flower shed. Another relative said the body handler told them that the victim might have fallen from a nearby tower and died.

On January 3, Peng Zailin was found dead on the roof of a bungalow not far from the flower shed of Lins house the day after the crime. Photographed by Zhang Huilan, reporter of Beijing News

Land acquisition and demolition

Many interviewees, including Pengs relatives, told the Beijing news that Peng and Yang Enrong had a good relationship. Yangs wife Fu Li and Pengs wife Zhou Chuanmei were married in the same village. Liang Zi of the two families was born seven years ago due to demolition.

According to the reply of Jiangsu Provincial Peoples Government on the third batch (12 hang) of construction land in 2012 linked with the increase and decrease of urban and rural construction land in Yizheng City, which was issued by Jiangsu Provincial Peoples Government on December 27, 2012 by the reporter of Beijing News, it is agreed to expropriate about 28 hectares of collective land in Yizheng City, including cangfang village, Lianhe village and Liuji village in Liuji Town, for urban and rural implementation Planning for linking the increase and decrease of construction land.

According to many villagers in the alliance group of Liuji village and Peng Zailin, since 2013, village cadres, including Yang Enrong, then the village branch, have negotiated with 30 or 40 villagers within the scope of land acquisition planning for demolition compensation, while Peng Zailin is the last one not demolished in the village.

A number of villagers said that pengshalins land is relatively large in the village. In addition to the homestead where the old house is located, the Pengs also have fish ponds, private plots and replacement responsibility fields. Pengshalin has built more than a dozen pigsty and flower and tree sheds on it.

These are the sources of Pengs economy. His nephew Wu Jianfei (pseudonym) said that his uncle Peng Zailin sells flowers and trees in spring, eels and lobsters raised in the fish pond in summer, and pigs at ordinary times, all depending on the land.

He loves money like a fortune. Peng Shifeng said. Zhou Chuanmei said that in order to save money, Peng was reluctant to take photos, and there was no picture of his life at home.

In the process of demolition negotiation, Peng was not satisfied with the compensation for demolition and refused to move. Other peoples land is small. They have talked a little bit. He is not satisfied with the compensation. One of Pengs nephews told the Beijing News. According to a relative of Peng Zailin, another reason Peng doesnt want to demolish is that the villa in the community cant raise chickens or pigs, and he has no source of income.

According to a relocation agreement signed on April 15, 2014 provided by the family members, it is determined that the building area of all kinds of houses in pengshalin is 480.72 square meters. The compensation plan finally agreed by both parties is a 218 square meter villa, a 100 square meter high-rise apartment and two 100 square meter stores provided by the peoples Government of Liuji Town, plus 150000 compensation Reimbursement.

It is noted in the agreement that this agreement includes all compensation fees for relocation of graves, trees, vegetable fields, flowers and trees, which is signed by Liuji Town Peoples Government of Yizheng City, and signed by four sisters of Peng Zailin, Zhou Chuanmei and Peng.

Li Xiaomei, then village director, told the Beijing News, the compensation for his family is in place, not in general. Many villagers also said Pengs compensation was OK.. A villager told the reporter of Beijing news that the compensation for demolition was discussed by each household, and there was no unified standard. His family also has about five mu of peach garden, but the government only promises to pay for the same area of grain every year, far less than Peng Zailins compensation.

However, Peng said he did not accept the compensation standard of the agreement, which he was forced to sign. Before the negotiation, Peng Zailin went to Nanjing to petition, and was taken back to Liuji police station by the village cadres. He began to discuss the relocation agreement, which lasted from the evening until more than five oclock the next morning. The leader of the negotiation was Yang Enrong.

Pengs four sisters arrived at the same time. When it comes to demolition, we should not talk about it in the police station. We are afraid of it. Peng Shifeng said.

Another sister of Peng Zailin recalled that at the end of the negotiation, Peng Zailin had to sign the agreement. As witnesses, the four sisters also signed, just say forget it, spend money to buy peace, less will be less.

Liu Ji police station police Jia Ming (pseudonym) witnessed the whole negotiation. On January 7, he told the Beijing news that it was because the Pengs did not trust the demolition office and asked to talk at the police station.. Jia Ming confirmed that Yang Enrong, the village branch secretary, was also present at that time, and that the negotiation did last from night to four or five oclock the next morning, because it was a game process.. But he insisted there was no conflict in the process.

Peng also stressed to reporters in the Beijing news that what they signed at that time was a blank agreement, none of which needs to be written.

The blank agreement has also been confirmed by many villagers. However, many of the villagers interviewed said that although the agreement was blank at the time of signing, the actual compensation received was based on the agreed compensation.

u25b2 on January 4, the old houses and fields of Peng Zailin in the village Department of Liuji Village Alliance group were located in the enclosure. Photographed by Zhang Huilan, reporter of Beijing News

he calamity of imprisonment

According to the above relocation agreement, Peng Shalin should move and hand over the house on April 25, 2014. But judging from the subsequent disputes, the relocation process was not smooth.

Zhou Chuanying, Pengs younger brother-in-law, told the Beijing news that the government agreed to pay 80000 yuan, and my brother-in-law asked for 100000 yuan. Because 100000 yuan and 80000 yuan were in and out, my brother-in-law did not agree to dismantle the flower farm. Peng Shifeng explained that the survival rate of transplanted flowers and trees will be very low in July, so they want to pay more compensation.

Although compensation was not discussed, on July 15, 2014, Liu Ji Town Government demolished Peng Zailins house.

In the above record, Chen Yilin said that on July 15, the town government decided to help Peng Zailin move plants and other facilities..

A villager on the scene said that after Peng arrived at the scene, there was a conflict with the demolishers. The bald head (social person) with the overwhelming number of people fought with the three members of the family. One villager was knocked out because he couldnt see how to help Peng.

Many of the villagers interviewed said Yang Enrong, then the village secretary, was the main coordinator of the demolition. According to a transcript by Li Xiaomei in September 2014, Yang Enrong participated in the demolition of Pengs house in Lin on July 15. An excavator driver said in the transcript that he had pushed Pengs pigsty down under the command of Yang Enrong.

In the process of demolition on July 15, 2014, conflicts occurred. According to a case issued by Liuji police station, on the afternoon of July 15, they received an alarm saying that the excavator for the demolition and construction of the alliance group had been smashed, Peng Shalin will be caught at the scene.

In a transcript, Zhao Jie, a cadre of Liuji village who assisted in the demolition on July 15, said that when he came back from dinner with other village cadres that afternoon, he saw Peng Zailin holding a square spade smashing around the excavator and prying out the back cover of the excavator. Zhao Jie said that there was a blue truck next to the excavator at that time, and Peng Zailin also smashed it around the cab of the truck. He didnt stop until there was no place to smash it.

On January 4, Zhao Jie responded to the reporter of the Beijing News. On July 15, he was at the scene in the morning when the flower yard was demolished. Later, he had to leave. I dont know what happened next..

According to the records, Peng Zailin confessed that he saw the demolished people make a mess of their own flowers and trees while he was not at home, causing heavy losses to himself. In a hurry, he picked up bricks and spades and smashed an excavator and a truck.

According to the judgment of the peoples Court of Yizheng City, Pengs act constitutes the crime of intentionally destroying property. In view of his truthful statement of the facts of the crime and compensation for all the losses of the victim, he was given a lighter punishment and sentenced to three years of fixed-term imprisonment and four years of probation.

Peng Zailin made several petitions during his probation. He said on several occasions that the Liuji town government, without his permission, had pushed down his familys pig farm, buried all the property in the farm, and ordered others to seize his flowers and trees, causing huge losses to his property.

In the process of constant petition, Peng Zailin and Yang Enrong, who visited many times, have more and more grudges. According to media reports, a letter of decision on administrative punishment issued by Yizheng Public Security Bureau showed that Peng Zailin had been detained for ten days for disrupting the order of the unit during his petition, and Yang Enrong was one of the witnesses of the decision.

According to the criminal ruling issued by the peoples Court of Yizheng City on March 21, 2016, in March of this year, Peng Zailin successively sat in silence, knelt down and displayed self-made propaganda materials at the gate of Yizheng city government, primary school, court and supermarket, causing the crowd to watch and disturb the order of public places. In addition, he was warned twice by the Municipal Judicial Bureau for violating the community correction regulations, and decided to The suspended sentence shall be revoked and he shall be put into prison according to law.

On January 3, Peng was in the flower shed of Linjia. Photographed by Zhang Huilan, reporter of Beijing News

After being released from prison

After three years in prison, Peng was released in March 2019.

He didnt want to go home because he was in prison. Peng Shifeng said.

The family is clearly aware of Pengs changes.

He no longer cared about his familys flower shed, and became a main business in lawsuits and petitions. Zhou Chuanmei said that her husband brought back all kinds of complaint materials he wrote in prison, and went everywhere to find lawyers to sue the government, and often went to Yangzhou, Nanjing and even Beijing to petition.

An administrative ruling issued by the peoples Court of Hanjiang District, Yangzhou City in 2019 shows that Peng Zailin, who was released from prison, asked him to confirm the invalidity of the relocation agreement signed in April 2014, and asked Liuji town government to compensate the pigsty and flower farm for the loss of 1.5 million yuan, which was rejected by the court as not within the scope of administrative litigation of the peoples court.

On January 3, Peng was in the movable plank house in the flower shed of the Lin family. Before the crime, he had a meal here. Photographed by Zhang Huilan, reporter of Beijing News

Zhou Chuanying, Peng Zailins brother-in-law, found that after he was released from prison, his brother-in-law said that he could not hear anything about a lawsuit. He would take advantage of it.. He told Zhou Chuanying more than once: even if I dont want a house or money, I will fight back the injustice of imprisonment.

Zhou Chuanying persuades Peng Zailin for many times: you work in the society yourself. Its easy to earn 100000 yuan a year. Its 300000 yuan in three years. What are you going to quarrel with others for little things? But Peng complained that his family did not help him, and his family were estranged.

In the eyes of his family and villagers, Peng is not good at communicating with others and has a paranoid personality. He does not steal, rob or take things from others, but what he wants must be given, if it is not enough.

Before the murder, Peng Zhelin had asked Yang Enrong.

A male relative of Yang Enrongs family recalled that before the crime, Peng Zailin often came to the smoke Hotel of Yang Enrongs family to make trouble, saying you want to clear my name.. Tian Meng also remembers that last summer, Peng Zailin had a fight in a tobacco Hotel. Because he was busy doing business at that time, he didnt hear what the two sides said, only remembered that there was no physical conflict.

Zhou Chuanying recalled that after Peng Zailin was released from prison, he said he would win the lawsuit in half a year, and later changed his mind to say another year. Last October, Zhou Chuanying and Peng Zailin had a long talk. Zhou Chuanying advised him to live a good life and stop petitioning. You have a son and a wife, and there is nothing else but a lawsuit. Peng replied, my prison is wronged. I cant swallow this tone. I will win the lawsuit even if Im afraid of death. Zhou Chuanying asked what to do if you cant win. Peng Zailin said, prepare to destroy your family. Zhou asked, Peng said, its killing..

But I didnt expect that he would really do it. Zhou Chuanying sighs.

On January 6, Yizheng Municipal Public Security Bureau responded to the reporter of the Beijing News. The case eventually resulted in one death and two injuries. At present, the dead have been funeral, and the two injured have no life danger. The case is under investigation.

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