A woman complains that the courier is beaten up on the door: if there is no law, you will be killed

 A woman complains that the courier is beaten up on the door: if there is no law, you will be killed

Ms. Wu said that Longyuan villa is a large community. Every time she receives the express from Yunda company, she has to go to the Cainiao post station on the hillside to get it, which is very inconvenient. Obviously, they have a delivery cabinet downstairs. He just doesnt put it. As long as he sees the delivery on this floor, he doesnt send it.

Ms. Wu has complained to the customer service department of Yunda company by phone for many times, but she has not been properly handled yet!

Even if I dont do express delivery, I want to fuck you. If you do this, Ill go to you 100 percent, the courier once threatened Ms. Wu on the phone

As a result, she rushed directly into Ms. Wus house and took five or six express delivery items that she didnt deliver a few days ago. Then she beat Ms. Wus head for more than ten times. Ms. Wu held her hand and her hand was bruised.

After the incident, Ms. Wu and her family reported to the police at the first time, but even in the presence of the police, the courier still had an outrageous attitude and threatened Ms. Wu that if there was no law to kill her.

After hospital examination, Ms. Hu suffered head injury and multiple contusions of her upper limbs, which was identified as minor injury by forensic medicine.

Yunda express station staff involved said that the person in charge was not present and refused to respond.

Area police revealed that the current door-to-door beating courier Zeng has been detained by the public security!

Yunda express Shenzhen Branch responded: first of all, in terms of the courier itself, its wrong to start this process, so he should bear the corresponding legal consequences. Second, we need to educate a group of integral salespeople through this matter, make good use of the key period of the end of the year, handle the customer relationship, and safeguard the rights and interests of customers. For this matter, then we will actively keep in touch with the injured and strive to minimize the negative impact of that matter.

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