With more than 300 anti-ship missiles, Russian media explained in detail the means by which the Iraqi army retaliated against the United States

 With more than 300 anti-ship missiles, Russian media explained in detail the means by which the Iraqi army retaliated against the United States

In this case, Iran can be said to pose only a symbolic threat to the United States, the article said. Because compared with the 22 US squadrons in the Gulf (equipped with F-22 and F-35 stealth fighters), the Iranian fighters are naturally insignificant. Nevertheless, there are signs that Iranians are ready to fight from their existing homes, rather than quietly watching us warplanes bombard their airports on the ground.

Photo: Iran Air Force Su-22 fighter bomber ground display of airborne weapons. (official website of Iranian Ministry of Defense)

Moreover, Iran has a stronger trump card. First, Iranian forces can block the Strait of Hormuz, through which nearly a third of the worlds crude oil is exported. It is estimated that oil prices will jump to $80 to $100 if the supertanker suddenly catches fire in this key sea passage.

The article said it should be reminded that the late suleymani had recently threatened to destroy all ships of the United States and its allies in the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea. Irans domestic Nasr and Kadir anti-ship cruise missiles can do this. The exact number of high-precision anti-ship missiles of foreign origin in Iran is unknown. But the United States is convinced that it has a large number - more than 200-300.

Photo: Iranian military test fired Kadir anti-ship missile. (Yitong)

Data picture: Irans new domestic stealth destroyer model. (official website of Iranian Ministry of Defense)

In addition, the CIA believes that Irans air force also has a certain number of Russian made kh-31ad supersonic anti-ship missiles. They were prepared by Tehran for the U.S. aircraft carrier, whose antimissile system was unable to intercept such low-altitude sea skimming Supersonic Missiles. The missiles can be carried by 12 Su-22 fighter bombers seized (detained) by Iran from Iraq in 1991.

US media have pointed out that the US does not know where the Su-22 and F-14 of the Iranian Air Force are deployed. These fighters have been changing airports and satellites are difficult to monitor.

Iran is also known to have drones, the article said. They were developed on the basis of the rq-170 sentinel stealth UAV captured in 2011. In addition, it is reported that Iran has begun to produce its own sentry stealth UAV, which can carry Nasr cruise missile.

On November 28, 2019, Iran demonstrated its new stealth destroyer project. The ships displacement is 3000 tons, less than half of the U.S. Navys Burke class destroyer. Iranian media indicated that it will be equipped with a large number of weapons, including the installation of 96 vertical launch units, which can launch anti-aircraft missiles and anti-ship cruise missiles. The ships speed is impressive - 40 knots. The tiny radar cross-section of the ships side and superstructure is bound to create a big obstacle for Americans to find them.

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