Report on the trend of online fraud: the amount of fraud in the studio is amazing and varied

 Report on the trend of online fraud: the amount of fraud in the studio is amazing and varied

From the perspective of the geographical characteristics of the victims of online fraud, beishangguang appears on the list. Guangdong province accounted for 10.7% of the total number of reports, ranking first. This shows that Cantonese have a relatively high sense of rights protection, and the top two areas of per capita loss are Beijing and Shanghai.

According to the report, the cheating rate of men is higher, accounting for 66.9% of the total reported amount. However, the loss per capita of women is more than 30000 yuan.

Social platform becomes the big stage for swindlers

According to the report, QQ has become the most important way for the victims to contact the fraudsters or fraud information, accounting for 10.69% of the total. The second is wechat, accounting for 10.38% of the total. Telephone, a relatively traditional tool, ranks third, accounting for 9.76% of the total. It can be seen that the social platform app is replacing the phone as the most frequently used tool or path for fraudsters to implement online fraud.

In fact, in recent years, the notorious cheating ways of making friends, such as selling tea women, supporting female teachers and American soldiers, are spreading rapidly by using social platform app.

Seeing is believing is the inherent thinking of many people, but big data tells us that the reality is far from it. From the perspective of per capita loss, the fraud harm through live studio is the biggest, with per capita loss up to 134729 yuan. Relevant cases show that such live broadcast rooms are mainly set up in the name of investment guidance and Stock Exchange, and are generally named as trading training courses, ten million concentration camps, XXX stock market competition and so on. The live broadcast room hosts call themselves mentors and recommend various kinds of fishing financing platforms in the name of digital currency to the audience. The audience in the live broadcast room is often mixed with a large number of trust to mislead the victims.

Three swindles aim at human weakness

It is reported that the report selects financial fraud, dating fraud and part-time fraud for in-depth analysis according to the number of reports, per capita loss, social impact, public opinion concerns and other factors, so as to further understand the characteristics of online fraud.

Financial fraud is the king of fraud in 2019. Not only the amount of reports and per capita losses are both high, but also the fraud routine is peak.

No matter spend money or borrow money, no matter be young or silver haired, financial fraud can take advantage of the situation. Data shows that investment and loan financial fraud are two major types of financial fraud, accounting for 92.2% of the total financial fraud. From the age of 23 to 58 +, the most reported fraud is financial fraud.

In addition, the ability of financial fraud to chase the wind is also amazing. From the perspective of per capita loss caused by various types of financial fraud, the per capita loss caused by virtual currency fraud is the highest, which is 134522 yuan. Cheaters cheat under the banner of blockchain, digital currency, bitcoin and mining.

Commonly known as pig killing plate fraud is also a high incidence of network fraud in recent years. According to the report, fraud of making friends and transferring money is the most frequent. After making friends online and establishing feelings with victims, swindlers will defraud ticket money, operation cost and red envelope for various reasons. This has also spawned a large number of dating fraud scripts. In addition to the play of making friends transfer, making friends investment, making friends gambling can not be ignored. Love plus money, the psychedelic drug, can easily make the victims empty.

Among the victims of part-time fraud, college students bear the brunt. According to the report, 18-22-year-old people are the most vulnerable group, accounting for 36.1%. This age group is generally college students with little social experience.

In the part-time fraud, swindle is the highest type, accounting for more than 70%. With the rise of e-commerce, this kind of fraud is enduring, and the per capita loss is over ten thousand, far more than other part-time fraud.

Six varieties of network fraud

According to the reports of netizens and a large number of cases of online fraud, the report summarizes and refines some common types of varieties of online fraud, which are more and more dangerous and can not be prevented.

For example, the traditional investment fraud with foreign exchange speculation and gold as gimmicks is evolving into blockchain fraud. With the popularity of blockchain, new bottles of old wine are used to defraud the victims.

In the past two years, the loan fraud under the name of zero guarantee, no mortgage has also launched a sequel, which helps to cancel the online loan account, otherwise it will affect the credit investigation. The customer service of the swindler impersonates the online loan platform to contact the victim on the ground that the online loan account will not be cancelled, which will affect the credit investigation record. The swindler requests the victim to cancel the account, and requires the victim to make a loan and transfer the loan proceeds directly to the swindlers account on the ground that the account needs to be cancelled first and only when there is running water.

The cheating of making friends in the script also quickly switched the scene of making friends, from wechat plus friends to private chat in the short video app, or starting a black team in the glory of the king. Once friends are added, the victim is lured to download the gambling game.

In the past two years, the winning swindle, which is popular in variety shows, has also changed, playing the inclusive mode of fans welfare. Swindlers will use some social platform accounts with a certain number of fans to release and give back fans activities, which are actually simple and direct red envelope rebate activities. In the process of rebate, the victim will raise the file by adding money, or ask the victim to transfer again in the name of transfer error, handling fee, activation fee, etc., until the fraud is exposed and the victim is blackmailed. The victims who dont know the truth feel that the blogger has a certain amount of fans and influence, and they want to be greedy and cheap, so they participate in such activities and are finally cheated.

Source: editor in charge of 21st century economic report: Liu Songpeng nbj9949