Iraqi media: 80 dead, 200 wounded, drone helicopter destroyed

 Iraqi media: 80 dead, 200 wounded, drone helicopter destroyed

Screenshot of Press TV in Iran

According to the TV station, 80 American terrorists were killed in the attack.

Reuters also quoted Iranian state television as saying US helicopters and military equipment were severely damaged when Iran attacked us targets in Iraq.

Iranian state television also quoted sources as saying that if the United States takes any retaliatory measures, Iran will target 100 other targets.

According to CCTV news, Irans Fars news agency said that a person familiar with the intelligence agency of Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard said that according to the accurate reports from the intelligence agencys sources, at least 80 American soldiers have been killed and 200 injured at Assad base so far. The wounded were taken out of the base by helicopter. The source added that 20 key targets in the base were hit by 15 missiles and a large number of drones and helicopters were destroyed.

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