Crash, attack, earthquake Iran has made headlines in the past 24 hours

 Crash, attack, earthquake Iran has made headlines in the past 24 hours

A Ukrainian airliner carrying 180 people crashed near Tehran airport, Iran

A Ukrainian airliner crashed near Khomeini International Airport in Tehran, Irans Tasnim news agency reported. Irans Fars news agency reported that the plane was Boeing 737, and there may be 180 people on the plane. The cause of the accident may be technical problems. The head of Irans emergency medical accident said rescue workers and rescue teams and firefighters had been sent out, but all passengers could be killed because the fire was too big to rescue.

Iran Launches missiles at US bases in Iraq

In retaliation for the killing of Iranian military commander Kasim Sulaimani by US forces, Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard launched two rounds of missile attacks on several US bases in Iraq.

According to Iranian media reports, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard launched dozens of surface to surface missiles at the Assad Air Force Base of the US military in Iraq in the first attack. The second round of attacks included the Taji military base north of Baghdad, the U.S. consulate in Erbil and a U.S. military base between Erbil and ain Kraft. Iranian media also reported that Iran used conqueror-313 ballistic missile and gyam missile in the attack.

Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard issued a statement on the same day that the attack was revenge for Sulaimani, commander of the Holy City Brigade subordinate to the Revolutionary Guard, who was killed by us air strikes on the 3rd. The statement also called on the United States to withdraw its troops from Iraq as soon as possible, saying otherwise, Iran would launch more attacks, while allies of the United States, such as Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel, would be within the scope of Irans attack.

Funeral stampede in Sulaimani killed 56 people

On January 7, local time, the funeral of Sulaimani was held in its hometown of Kerman. Millions of people attended the funeral on that day. As a result of the stampede accident due to the overcrowding, 56 people died and 213 people were injured. Most of the dead and injured were people who came to attend the funeral and mourning, and the injured have been sent to the local hospital for treatment.

The focal depth of the 4.7-magnitude earthquake in Bushehr province is 9 km

According to the earthquake center of Tehran University in Iran, a magnitude 4.7 earthquake struck Bushehr province at 5:50 a.m. local time on the 8th, with a focal depth of 9 km. No casualties have been reported yet.

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